World Championship (Game Eleven)

World Championship (Game Eleven)

The Planet Greenpawn

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World Championship (Game Eleven)

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That is it then, it’s all over. Magnus retains his world title 4-0 with 7 draws.
Nepomniachtchi took a big gamble and played 23.g3 when a draw with
sensible risk free play was on the table. A draw of course was no good
as that would leave Carlsen just needing a draw with the white pieces in
the next round and winning the next three games to just tie the match did
not appeal to Nepomniachtchi so he rolled the dice and the throw was bad.

The Rules

I. Nepomniachtchi - M. Carlsen, Game 11, World Championship 2021

A brief look at the ‘easy win’ Carlsen rejected.

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