World Championship (Game Two)

World Championship (Game Two)

The Planet Greenpawn

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World Championship (Game Two)

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First of all the eagerly awaited result of the anagram competition.
I asked for the best anagram of ‘Carlsen Nepomniachtchi’ and the
winner who came up with best answer was the R.H.P. member
‘Charlie the Racoon’ with his entry: ‘Nepomniachtchi Carlsen.’

Charlie wins a sets of door hinges and 16 self tapping screws.

A double puzzle from Paul Motwani. The diagram on the right is the
same one as on the left except a bunch of black pieces have removed.

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1.Rxa6+ Bxa6 2.b7+ Bxb7 3.Ra1+ Ba5 4. Rxa5+ Ba6 5.Rxa6 mate.

put a black knight on g1 and play Nh3 checkmate.

The Rules

M. Carlsen - I. Nepomniachtchi. Game 2 The World Championship 2021

Going to have a look at that potential Bxh7+ it won’t be long.(white to play)

The ending with this pawn formation and one Rook each and Kings near their pawns.

I found 15 games on Red Hot Pawn with that pawn set up.
White won 7 Drew 7 and actually managed to lose one.

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