World Chess Championship (Game Twelve)

World Chess Championship (Game Twelve)

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World Chess Championship (Game Twelve)

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It’s getting to an exciting stage. Ding Liren is trailing 1-0 and has two white’s
left. If Ding loses this game and Nepo draws game 13 then no more Whites left.

Before the game started I predicted a quiet opening by Ding to frustrate Nepo
who might be tempted to wrap this up right away. Of course Nepo has been
around the block and should not be suckered this way. But you never know.
and it may be Ding’s best chance. Play against Nepo’s natural will to win.

The Game (Notes added during the game)
A quiet opening by White Nepo slipped in a crafty Bd7 to Bg4 idea to unsettle
Ding who possibly regretted not playing h3. Ding played a brave Bxf6 weakening
Black’s Kingside but opening the g-file v his King. It was Black who had all the
Kingside chances. and even I could see a Black win. 27. Nf3 (though I had the right
idea it was a lot deeper than what I thought. It was a judgement call not analysed.)

Nepo seemed to have everything under control when he blundered. Though
I still thought he had winning chances the CH24 team were saying otherwise.

But I stuck here to my original judgement and only later did I realise just how
bad Nepo’s position was. (I’ve added a hindsight note.) Nepo then tripped up
and Ding returned the favour. A real smashing dog’s dinner of a game with
both players letting the importance of the occasion, understandably, get to them.

My notes only scratch the surface. There was a lot going on.

Ding Liren - Game - Ian Nepomniachtchi Game 12

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