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Popeye the Sailor Man Club
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  • Club rating 1809
    Joined 12 Jun '16 22:08
    Last moved 19 Mar '18 12:16
    Rated games 142 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12630308Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber Aspasia19 Mar '18 12:15infoIn progress
12630305Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber texasnurse19 Mar '18 01:47infoIn progress
12569993Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber blue bird18 Mar '18 18:17infoIn progress
12377863Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber blue bird18 Mar '18 13:29infoIn progress
12569963Subscriber mallys7Subscriber Aspasia18 Mar '18 07:06infoIn progress
12406562Subscriber vanderveldeSubscriber Aspasia18 Mar '18 01:09infoIn progress
12406557Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber vandervelde18 Mar '18 01:05infoIn progress
12406558Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber blue bird17 Mar '18 16:30infoIn progress
12597837Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber pdunne17 Mar '18 14:24infoIn progress
12597838Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber bohemia5117 Mar '18 14:04infoIn progress
12597841Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Aspasia17 Mar '18 14:02infoIn progress
12569990Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Mar '18 13:46infoIn progress
12552026Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber vandervelde17 Mar '18 06:25infoIn progress
12406565Subscriber blue birdSubscriber Aspasia17 Mar '18 00:00infoIn progress
12631743Donation rigidwithfearSubscriber Aspasia16 Mar '18 19:28infoIn progress
12631804Subscriber AspasiaDonation rigidwithfear16 Mar '18 18:15infoIn progress
12570006Subscriber blue birdSubscriber Aspasia15 Mar '18 19:24infoIn progress
12569977Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber Aspasia15 Mar '18 07:02infoIn progress
12597839Subscriber pdunneSubscriber Aspasia14 Mar '18 12:31infoIn progress
12500134Subscriber bnitemovesSubscriber Aspasia14 Mar '18 06:58infoIn progress
12569970Subscriber bnitemovesSubscriber Aspasia14 Mar '18 06:55infoIn progress
12569989Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber bnitemoves14 Mar '18 06:54infoIn progress
12552077Subscriber vanderveldeSubscriber Aspasia14 Mar '18 04:47infoIn progress
12332701Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber beatlemania12 Mar '18 23:21infoIn progress
12377866Subscriber blue birdSubscriber Aspasia12 Mar '18 17:51infoIn progress
12511111Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber Aspasia12 Mar '18 07:53infoResigned (0-1)
12518780Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber kirbythecat11 Mar '18 13:56infoResigned (1-0)
12511110Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber MAN O WAR10 Mar '18 19:15infoGame drawn
12332690Subscriber beatlemaniaSubscriber Aspasia10 Mar '18 05:38infoResigned (0-1)
12552961Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber Aspasia08 Mar '18 22:51infoResigned (0-1)

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