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Back in the USSR
"Back in the USSR" is a 1968 song by The Beatles. All players over the former USSR are welcome! All players from Europe are welcome! All players around over the free world are more than welcome!
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12584118Subscriber golddog2Subscriber Baard22 Feb '18 22:56infoIn progress
    12540248Subscriber Tonks On VacationDonation Luck22 Feb '18 22:14infoGame drawn
    12580917Subscriber Tonks On VacationSubscriber TheSurgeon22 Feb '18 22:10infoIn progress
    12569956Donation LuckSubscriber Aspasia22 Feb '18 22:03infoIn progress
    12613608Subscriber golddog2Donation Luck22 Feb '18 22:01infoIn progress
    12605749Subscriber elsportSubscriber karoly aczel22 Feb '18 21:57infoIn progress
    12605770Subscriber karoly aczelSubscriber elsport22 Feb '18 21:56infoIn progress
    12606881Subscriber wdbaileySubscriber karoly aczel22 Feb '18 21:46infoIn progress
    12606977Subscriber karoly aczelSubscriber wdbailey22 Feb '18 21:46infoIn progress
    12498632Standard member FlaxamiliusSubscriber burellin22 Feb '18 21:43infoIn progress
    12556025Subscriber pietercremerStandard member Grizlyk22 Feb '18 21:31infoIn progress
    12589722Donation LuckSubscriber golddog222 Feb '18 20:55infoIn progress
    12608393Subscriber golddog2Donation Luck22 Feb '18 20:54infoIn progress
    12608374Donation LuckSubscriber golddog222 Feb '18 20:53infoIn progress
    12613607Donation LuckSubscriber golddog222 Feb '18 20:49infoIn progress
    12332701Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber beatlemania22 Feb '18 18:32infoIn progress
    12579392Standard member caissad4Subscriber Aspasia22 Feb '18 18:09infoIn progress
    12579393Subscriber AspasiaStandard member caissad422 Feb '18 18:07infoIn progress
    12580919Subscriber TheSurgeonSubscriber Tonks On Vacation22 Feb '18 16:19infoIn progress
    12561666Subscriber elsportSubscriber morphy22 Feb '18 14:40infoIn progress
    12561667Subscriber morphySubscriber elsport22 Feb '18 14:40infoIn progress
    12516502Subscriber pdunneSubscriber MAN O WAR22 Feb '18 09:22infoIn progress
    12425191Subscriber cubsnation13Subscriber morphy22 Feb '18 06:40infoIn progress
    11490496Standard member vecaSubscriber JeanTylerGabriel On Vacation21 Feb '18 23:18infoIn progress
    11490489Subscriber JeanTylerGabriel On VacationStandard member veca21 Feb '18 23:18infoIn progress
    11411681Standard member vecaSubscriber JeanTylerGabriel On Vacation21 Feb '18 23:17infoIn progress
    11369795Subscriber JeanTylerGabriel On VacationStandard member veca21 Feb '18 23:17infoIn progress
    11306296Subscriber JeanTylerGabriel On VacationStandard member veca21 Feb '18 23:17infoIn progress
    12441747Subscriber pdunneSubscriber MAN O WAR21 Feb '18 20:25infoIn progress
    12577690Subscriber golddog2Subscriber Very Rusty21 Feb '18 19:58infoCheckmate (1-0)

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