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The fast movers
We like to play quickly and will have many 1/0 and 3/0 tournaments. Non subscriber tournaments are also available. Extra games above the 6 game limit are also available for non subs!
  • Club rating 1493
    Joined 08 Apr '10 20:25
    Last moved 22 Sep '18 09:59
    Rated games 66 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
11657966Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member billsmith15 Apr '16 12:53infoTimeout (1-0)
11657971Standard member billsmithSubscriber Paul Leggett15 Apr '16 12:53infoTimeout (0-1)
11610118Subscriber Paul LeggettSubscriber NoFriendsPete13 Mar '16 17:25infoCheckmate (1-0)
11610120Subscriber NoFriendsPeteSubscriber Paul Leggett07 Mar '16 23:59infoResigned (0-1)
10955370Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member vik1926 Feb '15 21:52infoResigned (1-0)
10955369Standard member vik19Subscriber Paul Leggett15 Feb '15 02:51infoResigned (1-0)
10642714Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber Paul Leggett19 Jul '14 10:48infoTimeout (0-1)
10642699Subscriber Paul LeggettSubscriber andrew12zy19 Jul '14 00:48infoTimeout (1-0)
10409674Standard member luke mysterSubscriber Paul Leggett06 May '14 14:15infoCheckmate (0-1)
10409675Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member luke myster26 Mar '14 05:13infoResigned (1-0)
10058309Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member vik1909 Jul '13 13:44infoResigned (1-0)
10058317Standard member vik19Subscriber Paul Leggett17 Jun '13 12:28infoResigned (0-1)
9967878Standard member billsmithSubscriber Paul Leggett11 May '13 06:31infoResigned (0-1)
9967877Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member billsmith01 May '13 13:59infoResigned (1-0)
9634782Standard member luke mysterSubscriber Paul Leggett03 Mar '13 00:50infoGame drawn
9634783Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member luke myster17 Feb '13 03:03infoResigned (1-0)
9390235Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member wqt200828 Aug '12 11:48infoGame drawn
9375775Standard member luke mysterSubscriber Paul Leggett24 Aug '12 11:46infoResigned (1-0)
9375766Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member luke myster29 Jul '12 23:15infoGame drawn
9328323Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member cardd2215 Jul '12 03:36infoResigned (1-0)
9375758Subscriber Paul LeggettSubscriber Gruve On Vacation12 Jul '12 12:19infoResigned (1-0)
9375693Subscriber Gruve On VacationSubscriber Paul Leggett09 Jul '12 21:32infoResigned (0-1)
9328322Standard member cardd22Subscriber Paul Leggett04 Jul '12 07:19infoGame drawn
9107548Standard member wqt2008Subscriber Paul Leggett21 Mar '12 02:50infoGame drawn
9107494Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member wqt200813 Mar '12 11:45infoGame drawn
8981290Standard member caffeineSubscriber Paul Leggett14 Feb '12 13:57infoCheckmate (0-1)
8750255Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member junnujannu19 Oct '11 17:44infoResigned (1-0)
8750252Standard member junnujannuSubscriber Paul Leggett16 Oct '11 18:42infoResigned (0-1)
8575814Standard member junnujannuSubscriber Paul Leggett22 Aug '11 21:32infoResigned (0-1)
8575817Subscriber Paul LeggettStandard member junnujannu22 Aug '11 21:21infoResigned (1-0)

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