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  • Club rating 1547
    Joined 14 May '11 18:51
    Last moved 17 Dec '17 01:57
    Rated games 6012 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12488668Subscriber taipei5200Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 01:53infoIn progress
12495970Subscriber jb70Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 01:51infoIn progress
12495967Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber jb7017 Dec '17 01:51infoIn progress
12486531Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineDonation Luck17 Dec '17 01:49infoIn progress
12486526Donation LuckSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 01:48infoIn progress
12441744Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 01:45infoIn progress
12500488Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber Leellen17 Dec '17 01:45infoIn progress
12500546Subscriber LeellenSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 01:44infoIn progress
12437072Subscriber hallelonlineSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 01:28infoIn progress
12488666Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber taipei520017 Dec '17 00:44infoIn progress
12500129Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber jb7017 Dec '17 00:38infoIn progress
12500132Subscriber jb70Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 00:36infoIn progress
12504851Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber jb7017 Dec '17 00:34infoIn progress
12504854Subscriber jb70Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 00:33infoIn progress
12511109Subscriber FransieSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 00:32infoIn progress
12511107Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber Fransie17 Dec '17 00:31infoIn progress
12463021Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber andrew12zy17 Dec '17 00:28infoIn progress
12463052Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 00:20infoIn progress
12491768Subscriber jb70Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonline17 Dec '17 00:16infoIn progress
12504418Subscriber BonarparteSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline16 Dec '17 23:54infoIn progress
12504416Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber Bonarparte16 Dec '17 23:53infoIn progress
12500498Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber texasnurse16 Dec '17 23:45infoIn progress
12500746Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline16 Dec '17 23:44infoIn progress
12346393Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline16 Dec '17 18:25infoIn progress
12346342Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber andrew12zy16 Dec '17 18:25infoIn progress
12500128Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber MAN O WAR16 Dec '17 18:09infoIn progress
12500130Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline16 Dec '17 17:47infoIn progress
12448901Subscriber laffegSubscriber ZorroTheFoxonline16 Dec '17 14:52infoIn progress
12448900Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonlineSubscriber laffeg16 Dec '17 14:51infoIn progress
12437079Subscriber Chewie976Subscriber ZorroTheFoxonline16 Dec '17 14:28infoIn progress

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