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1000-1500 Club
Fast and slow paced. Thematic tournaments for those who wish to explore openings and gambits.
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12411045Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 10:30infoIn progress
    12481512Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber alan holman11 Dec '17 09:33infoResigned (1-0)
    12455346Subscriber christiaanjSubscriber Ponderable11 Dec '17 07:59infoIn progress
    12497114Subscriber lechlerSubscriber bks200011 Dec '17 07:17infoIn progress
    12497139Subscriber bks2000Subscriber lechler11 Dec '17 07:14infoIn progress
    12480296Subscriber VESPINSubscriber Timzsn11 Dec '17 06:37infoIn progress
    12480298Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber VESPIN11 Dec '17 06:31infoIn progress
    12402326Subscriber VESPINSubscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 06:23infoIn progress
    12388938Subscriber VESPINSubscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 06:19infoIn progress
    12388937Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber VESPIN11 Dec '17 06:18infoIn progress
    12396049Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber xinebbsa11 Dec '17 04:57infoIn progress
    12396030Subscriber xinebbsaSubscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 04:54infoIn progress
    12376453Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber cdurkin11 Dec '17 04:39infoIn progress
    12371532Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber cdurkin11 Dec '17 04:38infoIn progress
    12371525Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 04:38infoIn progress
    12410067Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 04:27infoIn progress
    12399558Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 04:27infoIn progress
    12399556Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Timzsn11 Dec '17 04:27infoIn progress
    12390078Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 04:26infoIn progress
    12477250Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber laurence c11 Dec '17 04:20infoIn progress
    12477725Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber laurence c11 Dec '17 04:19infoIn progress
    12351670Subscriber oriole1122Subscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 04:09infoIn progress
    12314467Subscriber oriole1122Subscriber lstcyr11 Dec '17 04:06infoGame drawn
    12446148Subscriber TimzsnSubscriber jrps3311 Dec '17 01:48infoIn progress
    12396023Subscriber oriole1122Subscriber lstcyr10 Dec '17 18:01infoIn progress
    12480982Subscriber lanepeSubscriber Ponderable10 Dec '17 16:08infoIn progress
    12480983Subscriber PonderableSubscriber lanepe10 Dec '17 15:32infoIn progress
    12401501Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber lstcyr10 Dec '17 04:14infoGame drawn
    12402464Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber Timzsn09 Dec '17 23:32infoIn progress
    12478706Subscriber lanepeSubscriber Ponderable09 Dec '17 23:05infoIn progress

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