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Nonngraded Tournaments
The aim of this club is to provide a regular supply of Non-graded tournaments so that players can meet other players of a wide grade.
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12578923Subscriber sandwichjimSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:28infoIn progress
    12578924Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber sandwichjim21 Feb '18 13:28infoIn progress
    12603237Subscriber CostadSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:27infoIn progress
    12602729Subscriber CostadSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:27infoIn progress
    12512261Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Costad21 Feb '18 13:27infoIn progress
    12498292Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Costad21 Feb '18 13:26infoIn progress
    12512260Subscriber CostadSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:24infoIn progress
    12603250Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Costad21 Feb '18 13:23infoIn progress
    12602731Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber Costad21 Feb '18 13:23infoIn progress
    12498291Subscriber CostadSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:15infoIn progress
    12574161Subscriber jb70Donation Luck21 Feb '18 13:13infoIn progress
    12560003Subscriber PonderableSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:12infoIn progress
    12580750Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber mallys721 Feb '18 13:06infoIn progress
    12580707Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:05infoIn progress
    12574139Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:05infoIn progress
    12570281Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 13:04infoIn progress
    12604244Donation LuckSubscriber bob5821 Feb '18 12:53infoIn progress
    12604245Subscriber bob58Donation Luck21 Feb '18 12:53infoIn progress
    12562440Subscriber PonderableSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 12:51infoIn progress
    12595862Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber mallys721 Feb '18 12:47infoIn progress
    12595861Subscriber mallys7Subscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 12:47infoIn progress
    12570317Subscriber eirSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 12:45infoDraw offered
    12589029Subscriber bohemia51onlineDonation Luck21 Feb '18 12:44infoIn progress
    12570274Donation LuckSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 12:43infoIn progress
    12570310Subscriber bohemia51onlineSubscriber eir21 Feb '18 12:43infoGame drawn
    12570305Subscriber bohemia51onlineDonation Luck21 Feb '18 12:43infoIn progress
    12589028Donation LuckSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 12:42infoIn progress
    12574132Donation LuckSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 12:40infoIn progress
    12574175Subscriber bohemia51onlineDonation Luck21 Feb '18 12:40infoIn progress
    12550440Donation LuckSubscriber bohemia51online21 Feb '18 12:40infoIn progress

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