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Nonngraded Tournaments
The aim of this club is to provide a regular supply of Non-graded tournaments so that players can meet other players of a wide grade.
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12859493Subscriber jankrbSubscriber Arayn On Vacation20 Aug '18 07:48infoIn progress
    12859490Subscriber jankrbSubscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation20 Aug '18 07:48infoIn progress
    12852271Donation LuckSubscriber tommyk20 Aug '18 07:26infoIn progress
    12848332Subscriber jb70Donation Luck20 Aug '18 07:22infoIn progress
    12852272Donation LuckSubscriber jb7020 Aug '18 07:22infoIn progress
    12852277Subscriber jb70Donation Luck20 Aug '18 07:21infoIn progress
    12846231Subscriber jb70Donation Luck20 Aug '18 07:21infoIn progress
    12848327Donation LuckSubscriber jb7020 Aug '18 07:21infoIn progress
    12852274Subscriber tommykDonation Luck20 Aug '18 07:17infoIn progress
    12852278Subscriber jb70Subscriber tommyk20 Aug '18 06:55infoIn progress
    12852275Subscriber tommykSubscriber jb7020 Aug '18 06:54infoIn progress
    12803590Subscriber sandwichjimSubscriber bohemia5120 Aug '18 06:52infoIn progress
    12803592Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber sandwichjim20 Aug '18 06:52infoResigned (1-0)
    12826018Subscriber jb70Subscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation20 Aug '18 06:49infoIn progress
    12826016Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber jb7020 Aug '18 06:48infoIn progress
    12846236Subscriber bob58Subscriber jb7020 Aug '18 06:48infoIn progress
    12852281Subscriber bob58Subscriber tommyk20 Aug '18 06:40infoIn progress
    12852117Subscriber jb70Subscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation20 Aug '18 06:00infoIn progress
    12852115Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber jb7020 Aug '18 05:59infoIn progress
    12859227Donation LuckSubscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation20 Aug '18 04:46infoIn progress
    12858739Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber Dalradian20 Aug '18 03:06infoIn progress
    12858742Subscriber DalradianSubscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation20 Aug '18 03:06infoIn progress
    12776025Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber Dalradian20 Aug '18 03:06infoIn progress
    12771360Donation LuckSubscriber mallys720 Aug '18 03:06infoIn progress
    12831241Subscriber DalradianSubscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation20 Aug '18 03:04infoIn progress
    12831238Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber Dalradian20 Aug '18 03:04infoIn progress
    12574148Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber mallys720 Aug '18 03:01infoIn progress
    12857377Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation20 Aug '18 02:33infoIn progress
    12857376Subscriber ZorroTheFox On VacationSubscriber bohemia5120 Aug '18 02:33infoIn progress
    12753249Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber ZorroTheFox On Vacation20 Aug '18 02:18infoIn progress

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