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Nonngraded Tournaments
The aim of this club is to provide a regular supply of Non-graded tournaments so that players can meet other players of a wide grade.
  • Club rating 1178
    Joined 02 Mar '17 23:03
    Last moved 20 Mar '18 07:18
    Rated games 443 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12486532Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber mallys720 Mar '18 10:02infoIn progress
12648144Subscriber mallys7Subscriber ZorroTheFox20 Mar '18 09:53infoIn progress
12648146Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber mallys720 Mar '18 09:52infoIn progress
12651710Subscriber mallys7Subscriber ZorroTheFox20 Mar '18 09:50infoIn progress
12651712Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber mallys720 Mar '18 09:49infoIn progress
12615631Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber jb70online20 Mar '18 07:27infoIn progress
12627905Subscriber tommykSubscriber ZorroTheFox20 Mar '18 07:20infoIn progress
12627903Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber tommyk20 Mar '18 07:18infoIn progress
12561480Subscriber DalradianSubscriber ZorroTheFox20 Mar '18 07:09infoIn progress
12561469Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber Dalradian20 Mar '18 07:09infoIn progress
12652120Subscriber ZorroTheFoxDonation Luck20 Mar '18 07:01infoIn progress
12559793Subscriber ZorroTheFoxDonation Luck20 Mar '18 06:36infoIn progress
12644821Subscriber ZorroTheFoxDonation Luck20 Mar '18 06:30infoIn progress
12644814Donation LuckSubscriber ZorroTheFox20 Mar '18 06:30infoIn progress
12540243Subscriber mallys7Subscriber ZorroTheFox20 Mar '18 06:12infoIn progress
12533081Subscriber mallys7Subscriber ZorroTheFox20 Mar '18 06:09infoIn progress
12651329Subscriber ZorroTheFoxDonation Luck20 Mar '18 05:58infoIn progress
12651328Donation LuckSubscriber ZorroTheFox20 Mar '18 05:58infoIn progress
12580163Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber Tonks19 Mar '18 22:28infoIn progress
12580142Subscriber TonksSubscriber ZorroTheFox19 Mar '18 22:28infoIn progress
12644829Subscriber DalradianSubscriber ZorroTheFox19 Mar '18 22:09infoIn progress
12644822Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber Dalradian19 Mar '18 22:09infoIn progress
12533205Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber ZorroTheFox19 Mar '18 22:00infoIn progress
12578139Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber Dalradian19 Mar '18 21:57infoIn progress
12632958Subscriber bob58Subscriber ZorroTheFox19 Mar '18 13:28infoIn progress
12632937Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber bob5819 Mar '18 13:26infoIn progress
12540256Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber mallys719 Mar '18 12:17infoIn progress
12530024Subscriber mallys7Subscriber ZorroTheFox19 Mar '18 10:20infoIn progress
12530027Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber mallys719 Mar '18 10:20infoIn progress
12582613Subscriber mallys7Subscriber ZorroTheFox19 Mar '18 04:29infoIn progress

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