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Bang Average
For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12850163Subscriber jkmelanconSubscriber OMuniz86023 Sep '18 04:32infoIn progress
    12873141Subscriber jkmelanconSubscriber WB6SVS23 Sep '18 03:52infoIn progress
    12873227Subscriber WB6SVSSubscriber jkmelancon23 Sep '18 03:52infoIn progress
    12875994Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber WB6SVS23 Sep '18 03:50infoIn progress
    12873136Subscriber WB6SVSSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 03:48infoIn progress
    12902288Subscriber DTHSubscriber Oneleggedjedi23 Sep '18 02:35infoIn progress
    12902291Subscriber OneleggedjediSubscriber DTH23 Sep '18 02:35infoIn progress
    12905116Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber DTH23 Sep '18 02:34infoIn progress
    12905113Subscriber DTHSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 02:34infoIn progress
    12902287Subscriber DTHSubscriber mpresson23 Sep '18 02:32infoIn progress
    12902289Subscriber mpressonSubscriber DTH23 Sep '18 02:32infoIn progress
    12905114Subscriber mpressonSubscriber DTH23 Sep '18 02:31infoIn progress
    12904348Subscriber suicidebishopSubscriber jocular30622 Sep '18 23:43infoIn progress
    12889196Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Philokalia22 Sep '18 23:42infoIn progress
    12889198Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber bohemia5122 Sep '18 23:41infoIn progress
    12873165Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber bohemia5122 Sep '18 23:41infoIn progress
    12904349Subscriber jocular306Subscriber suicidebishop22 Sep '18 23:41infoIn progress
    12873158Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Philokalia22 Sep '18 23:40infoIn progress
    12817682Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Philokalia22 Sep '18 23:40infoIn progress
    12761741Subscriber OneleggedjediSubscriber bohemia5122 Sep '18 23:26infoIn progress
    12865539Subscriber OneleggedjediSubscriber BigD0022 Sep '18 21:52infoIn progress
    12903921Subscriber suicidebishopSubscriber mig2122 Sep '18 21:50infoIn progress
    12903922Subscriber mig21Subscriber suicidebishop22 Sep '18 21:49infoIn progress
    12864498Subscriber suicidebishopSubscriber BigD0022 Sep '18 21:48infoIn progress
    12864479Subscriber BigD00Subscriber suicidebishop22 Sep '18 21:48infoIn progress
    12855292Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber BigD0022 Sep '18 21:35infoIn progress
    12855290Subscriber BigD00Subscriber bohemia5122 Sep '18 21:35infoIn progress
    12864505Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber BigD0022 Sep '18 21:35infoIn progress
    12864480Subscriber BigD00Subscriber bohemia5122 Sep '18 21:34infoIn progress
    12873122Subscriber BigD00Subscriber bohemia5122 Sep '18 21:34infoIn progress

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