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An Outbreak of Chess
  • Club rating 1752
    Joined 10 Mar '08 01:26
    Last moved 26 Sep '18 04:38
    Rated games 434 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12889799Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox26 Sep '18 02:00infoIn progress
12889798Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR26 Sep '18 01:59infoIn progress
12905614Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR25 Sep '18 18:37infoIn progress
12905581Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber MAN O WAR25 Sep '18 17:56infoIn progress
12906306Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber spartangreek25 Sep '18 17:41infoIn progress
12906872Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber spartangreek25 Sep '18 16:15infoIn progress
12906821Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber MAN O WAR25 Sep '18 16:15infoIn progress
12906210Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber MAN O WAR25 Sep '18 15:44infoIn progress
12905645Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox25 Sep '18 12:14infoIn progress
12905642Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber spartangreek25 Sep '18 04:50infoCheckmate (1-0)
12896116Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR25 Sep '18 00:37infoIn progress
12896121Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox24 Sep '18 12:05infoIn progress
12871194Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR24 Sep '18 03:08infoResigned (0-1)
12871196Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox22 Sep '18 12:15infoResigned (1-0)
12789965Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR20 Sep '18 14:45infoIn progress
12789966Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox20 Sep '18 04:54infoIn progress
12879790Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox20 Sep '18 00:03infoResigned (1-0)
12890721Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber LittleDonkey17 Sep '18 21:47infoResigned (1-0)
12862132Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR14 Sep '18 13:16infoResigned (0-1)
12890663Subscriber LittleDonkeySubscriber MAN O WAR12 Sep '18 23:31infoResigned (1-0)
12879787Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR11 Sep '18 00:10infoCheckmate (0-1)
12853129Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR10 Sep '18 19:40infoResigned (0-1)
12862135Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox08 Sep '18 23:46infoResigned (1-0)
12855084Subscriber MAN O WARStandard member caissad408 Sep '18 19:55infoGame drawn
12855083Standard member caissad4Subscriber MAN O WAR08 Sep '18 19:27infoResigned (1-0)
12862584Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox08 Sep '18 19:09infoResigned (1-0)
12862581Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR08 Sep '18 18:50infoResigned (0-1)
12853134Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox06 Sep '18 12:27infoResigned (1-0)
12844515Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber MAN O WAR05 Sep '18 10:13infoResigned (0-1)
12844518Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber ZorroTheFox04 Sep '18 16:10infoResigned (1-0)

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