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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1812Subscriber norfolk and good9630526 May '18 01:34Club Games
1789Subscriber boydie223126 May '18 02:33Club Games
1781Subscriber bohemia517961923925 May '18 19:07Club Games
1776Subscriber Tenacitiz239421525 May '18 12:29Club Games
1697Subscriber rookorbycrook2611111526 May '18 06:18Club Games
1682Subscriber tejus295025 May '18 15:34Club Games
1681Subscriber Ponderable180821626 May '18 05:26Club Games
1677Subscriber taipei52002611026 May '18 00:37Club Games
1670Subscriber FatKidonaTrampolineonline196026 May '18 08:00Club Games
1665Subscriber alan holman222971326 May '18 07:03Club Games
1655Subscriber The Postman2412226 May '18 06:50Club Games
1654Subscriber Fransie2761542526 May '18 07:39Club Games
1624Subscriber Twirly1311120 Feb '18 08:09Club Games
1622Subscriber xinebbsa4318624 May '18 21:33Club Games
1592Subscriber cdurkin On Vacation180142826 May '18 01:28Club Games
1578Standard member nimzophysh119010 Nov '17 09:39Club Games
1556Subscriber Fagarasi07511386126 May '18 06:18Club Games
1549Subscriber jrps333671941325 May '18 07:29Club Games
1548Subscriber tamperman1131061125 May '18 23:05Club Games
1547Subscriber rookworm137123226 May '18 01:20Club Games
1546Subscriber learningspear197009 Jan '18 17:09Club Games
1542Standard member belekas2421023 May '18 05:06Club Games
1540Subscriber DerPolitzei2111125 May '18 07:18Club Games
1530Subscriber spartangreek7335313126 May '18 01:06Club Games
1524Subscriber laurence c4052373526 May '18 03:42Club Games
1521Subscriber LEUR1591371026 May '18 01:44Club Games
1514Subscriber king08098763425 May '18 19:42Club Games
1512Subscriber Raampje x5631325 May '18 20:12Club Games
1504Standard member Costad3524426 May '18 05:35Club Games
1504Subscriber kingdog296914244726 May '18 07:08Club Games

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