600-1500 CLUB

frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1912Subscribernorfolk and goodonline166401320 Nov '18 17:20Club Games
1825Standard memberCostad6630820 Nov '18 11:52Club Games
1811SubscriberThe Postman5722420 Nov '18 09:58Club Games
1798Subscribertejus13336719 Nov '18 19:38Club Games
1763Subscriberbohemia5112833157720 Nov '18 14:43Club Games
1746SubscriberTenacitiz301672520 Nov '18 08:20Club Games
1737Subscriberrookorbycrook3111291920 Nov '18 05:11Club Games
1704SubscriberJoe194911076220 Nov '18 15:48Club Games
1689Subscriberalan holman3031531520 Nov '18 15:47Club Games
1655SubscriberFatKidonaTrampoline3419020 Nov '18 14:48Club Games
1648Standard memberxinebbsa5221820 Nov '18 11:37Club Games
1646SubscriberStevieB226019 Nov '18 20:34Club Games
1643SubscriberSevensquareonline2210220 Nov '18 17:24Club Games
1624SubscriberTwirly1311120 Feb '18 08:09Club Games
1614SubscriberAquinas305220 Nov '18 15:33Club Games
1597Subscribercdurkin2231801020 Nov '18 14:03Club Games
1591Standard memberFransie4222324820 Nov '18 13:14Club Games
1589SubscriberBaronVonChickenpants2714119 Nov '18 20:11Club Games
1578Standard membernimzophysh119010 Nov '17 09:39Club Games
1576Subscriberboydie5727319 Nov '18 23:03Club Games
1565SubscriberRaampje x11552920 Nov '18 17:12Club Games
1560Subscribertamperman1681491620 Nov '18 16:03Club Games
1546Standard memberlearningspear197009 Jan '18 17:09Club Games
1545SubscriberDerPolitzei3516119 Nov '18 19:17Club Games
1544SubscriberLEUR1761481220 Nov '18 17:21Club Games
1543SubscriberPonderable2441362520 Nov '18 16:18Club Games
1542SubscriberPhilokalia8891120 Nov '18 12:16Club Games
1540Subscriberinvigorate11255119 Nov '18 19:06Club Games
1537Standard membercookies12286539319 Nov '18 11:25Club Games
1531Subscriberdinc16872721320 Nov '18 17:00Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).