600-1500 CLUB

frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1837SubscriberThe Postman7626519 Jan '19 13:23Club Games
1827Subscribernorfolk and goodonline209471819 Jan '19 18:24Club Games
1810SubscriberSculptorBloke365119 Jan '19 14:20Club Games
1797Standard memberCostad6631819 Jan '19 14:34Club Games
1745SubscriberTenacitiz311722519 Jan '19 10:46Club Games
1734Subscribertejus14140719 Jan '19 05:59Club Games
1730Subscriberbohemia5114153368219 Jan '19 15:46Club Games
1698SubscriberFatKidonaTrampoline3821019 Jan '19 11:35Club Games
1678SubscriberStevieB296018 Jan '19 10:00Club Games
1673Subscriberxinebbsa5421819 Jan '19 13:45Club Games
1654SubscriberAquinas345219 Jan '19 11:33Club Games
1652Subscribermig21online8349719 Jan '19 18:24Club Games
1629SubscriberOutback4013019 Jan '19 16:48Club Games
1620SubscriberSevensquare2612219 Jan '19 17:34Club Games
1614Subscriberrookorbycrook3361432619 Jan '19 17:51Club Games
1607SubscriberPonderable2631482519 Jan '19 15:51Club Games
1602Subscriberbowie710637182619 Jan '19 00:49Club Games
1600DonationDr. Brain3813118 Jan '19 08:16Club Games
1600Subscribertaipei52008453719 Jan '19 17:53Club Games
1598Subscribercdurkin2391881019 Jan '19 14:57Club Games
1598Subscriberboydie6028316 Jan '19 09:09Club Games
1591Subscriberalan holman3221681719 Jan '19 17:21Club Games
1578SubscriberDaanv5723119 Jan '19 16:54Club Games
1574SubscriberSpeeball5134119 Jan '19 15:56Club Games
1572Subscriberkingdog314614964919 Jan '19 06:32Club Games
1569SubscriberBaronVonChickenpants2816119 Jan '19 09:38Club Games
1567Subscriberinvigorate11956119 Jan '19 17:43Club Games
1563SubscriberJoe1949online13094219 Jan '19 18:18Club Games
1546Subscriberjimmeronline3822019 Jan '19 18:23Club Games
1537Standard membercookies12286539317 Jan '19 11:08Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).