600-1500 CLUB

frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1814Subscriberceltictiger9723818 Oct '19 22:58Club Games
1788Standard memberCostadonline6933919 Oct '19 06:52Club Games
1773SubscriberFatKidonaTrampolineonline8232119 Oct '19 06:53Club Games
1770SubscriberSculptorBloke2301061918 Oct '19 22:13Club Games
1757Subscriberalan holman4342302518 Oct '19 15:25Club Games
1755SubscriberTenacitiz371932918 Oct '19 06:57Club Games
1727SubscriberPonderable3281783318 Oct '19 18:35Club Games
1709Subscribertejus206681619 Oct '19 05:26Club Games
1680Standard memberGoodKnight2Uonline8318319 Oct '19 06:53Club Games
1678Subscriberboydie8734316 Oct '19 07:45Club Games
1672Subscribernorfolk and good4621444119 Oct '19 00:20Club Games
1664Subscribermcmreonline7337319 Oct '19 06:52Club Games
1658SubscriberSevensquare5932818 Oct '19 21:43Club Games
1650Subscriberxinebbsa7133818 Oct '19 18:59Club Games
1642SubscriberFransie6533809218 Oct '19 18:38Club Games
1641SubscriberPaul A Roberts359518 Oct '19 22:21Club Games
1637Subscriberscwymstr933104912419 Oct '19 06:53Club Games
1632SubscriberPeterbowen8211731718 Oct '19 17:59Club Games
1631DonationDr. Brain151712218 Oct '19 11:37Club Games
1629SubscriberMitchapolooza3311321119 Oct '19 00:27Club Games
1625Subscriberinvigorate13263119 Oct '19 06:09Club Games
1623SubscriberMekon6431018 Oct '19 18:59Club Games
1623SubscriberSpeeball12378518 Oct '19 16:44Club Games
1619SubscriberJoe1949352225918 Oct '19 21:32Club Games
1617Standard memberaravor5133030 Aug '19 00:53Club Games
1610Standard memberAquinas347209 Jul '19 12:37Club Games
1592SubscriberOutback2281621219 Oct '19 05:09Club Games
1585Subscriberrookorbycrook4172083918 Oct '19 18:37Club Games
1578SubscriberLarry Kasparov2383531218 Oct '19 22:55Club Games
1577Subscriberbohemia51195557815018 Oct '19 17:48Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).