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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1798Subscriber Tenacitiz205281517 Feb '18 09:51Club Games
1743Subscriber bohemia514831312517 Feb '18 20:59Club Games
1737Subscriber norfolk and good5222217 Feb '18 21:15Club Games
1698Subscriber Twirly136117 Feb '18 15:29Club Games
1662Subscriber Ponderable126551017 Feb '18 18:56Club Games
1661Subscriber rookorbycrook2451101517 Feb '18 17:27Club Games
1651Subscriber belekas159017 Feb '18 18:16Club Games
1638Subscriber xinebbsa3614517 Feb '18 14:13Club Games
1612Subscriber alan holman14962517 Feb '18 21:24Club Games
1602Subscriber bowie77364351617 Feb '18 12:42Club Games
1590Subscriber MDGrant2441511017 Feb '18 12:36Club Games
1578Subscriber nimzophysh119010 Nov '17 09:39Club Games
1573Subscriber learningspear195009 Jan '18 17:09Club Games
1564Subscriber jrps333581891316 Feb '18 20:00Club Games
1557Subscriber LegendOfEd On Vacation89521216 Feb '18 19:32Club Games
1556Subscriber Philokalia158017 Feb '18 17:33Club Games
1551Subscriber Fransie1961102117 Feb '18 19:27Club Games
1541Subscriber invigorate6129017 Feb '18 21:17Club Games
1541Subscriber Raampje x3823217 Feb '18 17:49Club Games
1536Subscriber laurence c2741542317 Feb '18 21:07Club Games
1533Subscriber Joe19494638017 Feb '18 18:15Club Games
1527Subscriber SeamusC6456217 Feb '18 21:08Club Games
1512Subscriber DerPolitzei128117 Feb '18 07:03Club Games
1501Subscriber oriole11227761317 Feb '18 17:22Club Games
1500Standard member cookies12246539315 Feb '18 19:16Club Games
1490Subscriber kingdog290814004617 Feb '18 06:12Club Games
1489Subscriber derekxv11044317 Feb '18 20:44Club Games
1484Subscriber tamperman82771017 Feb '18 12:03Club Games
1484Standard member patrickrutgers4818104 Feb '18 18:36Club Games
1483Subscriber achilles95334341116 Feb '18 19:14Club Games

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