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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1811Subscriber Tenacitiz186241411 Dec '17 08:55Club Games
1779Subscriber xinebbsa243211 Dec '17 23:30Club Games
1701Subscriber Ponderable8036811 Dec '17 22:44Club Games
1685Subscriber alan holman7420211 Dec '17 23:55Club Games
1684Subscriber norfolk and good2710111 Dec '17 21:51Club Games
1668Subscriber bohemia51328791611 Dec '17 23:23Club Games
1661Subscriber rookorbycrook2451101511 Dec '17 21:56Club Games
1613Subscriber LegendOfEd5024812 Dec '17 00:15Club Games
1597Subscriber Raampje x158111 Dec '17 22:33Club Games
1565Subscriber MDGrant2271451011 Dec '17 18:32Club Games
1560Subscriber laurence conline167861612 Dec '17 02:33Club Games
1551Subscriber jrps333511851211 Dec '17 00:20Club Games
1547Subscriber kingdog285313694511 Dec '17 22:47Club Games
1546Subscriber Fransie156821911 Dec '17 21:49Club Games
1533Subscriber tamperman5044912 Dec '17 00:06Club Games
1530Subscriber Speeball2721111 Dec '17 22:48Club Games
1526Standard member patrickrutgers4816111 Dec '17 21:53Club Games
1517Subscriber spartangreek4753222311 Dec '17 23:01Club Games
1515Subscriber sandwichjim4340511 Dec '17 20:15Club Games
1508Subscriber Joe19492822012 Dec '17 00:54Club Games
1492Standard member cookies12226539311 Dec '17 12:47Club Games
1489Subscriber derekxv11044311 Dec '17 17:42Club Games
1485Subscriber SeamusC5248211 Dec '17 18:26Club Games
1475Subscriber Larry Kasparov11659612 Dec '17 00:52Club Games
1473Subscriber invigorate3317011 Dec '17 23:00Club Games
1467Subscriber Timzsn7964253612 Dec '17 01:55Club Games
1456Subscriber david19475756454511 Dec '17 22:52Club Games
1454Subscriber Zorromoody185165911 Dec '17 21:19Club Games
1444Subscriber Antoine94103711 Dec '17 19:51Club Games
1436Subscriber oriole11226753211 Dec '17 11:50Club Games

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