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Robert James Fischer Club
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2076Standard member mihai52456504511 Dec '17 14:44Club Games
1850Standard member paolo250498121305 Apr '15 19:28Club Games
1807Standard member caissad411057911612 Dec '17 03:58Club Games
1801Standard member Calexico180333020 Jun '17 18:16Club Games
1791Subscriber marcelito1232511206 Dec '17 14:58Club Games
1754Standard member Avrelii253409 Aug '15 23:29Club Games
1745Standard member ItsYouThatIAdore1451212424 Jul '12 15:05Club Games
1728Standard member LincolnRhyme6023925 Aug '15 21:15Club Games
1708Standard member radnis444709 Mar '13 10:46Club Games
1699Subscriber procyk6121664712 Dec '17 03:29Club Games
1690Standard member Lawrence Schofield6119922 Sep '12 15:35Club Games
1681Subscriber epicurean1220810 Dec '17 22:07Club Games
1679Subscriber Erekose338612 Dec '17 03:10Club Games
1677Standard member efilmar577607 Jun '15 19:30Club Games
1677Subscriber Skafi127461010 Dec '17 21:32Club Games
1668Standard member elgallo194803330 Apr '13 20:42Club Games
1659Standard member LATITUDE 0476609 Mar '15 16:44Club Games
1647Standard member 4al0225112 Apr '10 17:37Club Games
1634Subscriber MAN O WAR62416513912 Dec '17 04:25Club Games
1619Standard member luke myster249603 Nov '15 21:58Club Games
1611Standard member son of godzilla125263311 Nov '15 22:54Club Games
1599Subscriber Javasnob2479709 Jul '17 16:06Club Games
1595Standard member Littlemcniff2912522 Aug '15 15:55Club Games
1590Standard member PAT YANEZ140442610 Dec '17 16:33Club Games
1588Subscriber wmarmon154112 Dec '17 03:12Club Games
1586Standard member sexy lipps165009 May '14 18:30Club Games
1584Subscriber TheSurgeon237411 Dec '17 19:12Club Games
1579Subscriber raiox76381111 Dec '17 09:21Club Games
1573Subscriber Tonks165211 Dec '17 23:21Club Games
1572Standard member pulga73421222 Feb '16 00:27Club Games

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