The Lone Star Club

A club for Texans and a few honorary Texans too

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1779Standard membercaissad4333172122 Feb '21 10:50Club Games
1718Standard memberOld Eagle871112 Nov '12 13:21Club Games
1503Standard memberKellyJay67311513 Mar '20 09:41Club Games
1466Standard memberrobbie carrobie9919530 Apr '17 09:39Club Games
1462Standard memberoradbaforpsoft4524914 Feb '21 16:41Club Games
1331Standard memberTexan3822201 Oct '12 13:56Club Games
1195Standard memberHugh Glass1915407 Mar '15 02:00Club Games
1179Subscribercteichman4059026 Feb '21 07:06Club Games
1138Standard membergalveston75130225505 Aug '20 13:46Club Games
1108Standard memberdeacondad2727001 May '14 12:14Club Games
1099Standard memberrlgtlg4050226 Feb '21 00:21Club Games
1079Subscribersettl44161224 Feb '21 19:43Club Games
1025Standard memberbillsmith2051315 May '14 03:45Club Games
998Subscriberel toro1945326 Feb '21 00:10Club Games
964Standard memberStardude1771426 Feb '21 00:28Club Games
893Standard membercrazyblkknight3099024 Dec '13 02:33Club Games
850Standard memberlnynn spedale683316 Mar '14 04:13Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).