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Popeye the Sailor Man Club
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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1853Subscriber Aspasia16991521 Aug '18 05:29Club Games
1778Subscriber BartVH652119 Aug '18 18:25Club Games
1774Standard member pdunne161101321 Aug '18 09:28Club Games
1770Subscriber MAN O WAR53110610521 Aug '18 07:05Club Games
1704Subscriber 64squaresofpain457420 Aug '18 22:01Club Games
1680Subscriber beatlemania3391056221 Aug '18 03:28Club Games
1674Subscriber Tonks131361621 Aug '18 07:30Club Games
1636Subscriber Ed Bernheim135434321 Aug '18 04:24Club Games
1636Subscriber kirbythecat54628212121 Aug '18 04:45Club Games
1626Subscriber Divot Farmer44201120 Aug '18 10:40Club Games
1607Subscriber bob585022096021 Aug '18 01:15Club Games
1602Subscriber Alfie Beamish4517121 Aug '18 07:07Club Games
1583Subscriber blue bird488629521 Aug '18 03:43Club Games
1553Standard member hklee8731318 Aug '18 17:01Club Games
1547Subscriber Nomoredoc5419521 Aug '18 07:19Club Games
1544Subscriber jb70online139185815421 Aug '18 09:34Club Games
1535Subscriber Romie Dread4241583321 Aug '18 08:49Club Games
1533Subscriber Marks777195221 Aug '18 04:54Club Games
1531Subscriber cashthetrash4223621 Aug '18 07:52Club Games
1502Subscriber morphy56261321 Aug '18 06:55Club Games
1499Subscriber Hanzii121641021 Aug '18 07:51Club Games
1493Subscriber ZorroTheFox94870116321 Aug '18 01:56Club Games
1492Donation Luck96086011821 Aug '18 07:25Club Games
1462Standard member SERGEANTPMAIN92391321 Aug '18 01:15Club Games
1456Subscriber sallen4541422420 Aug '18 21:22Club Games
1451Standard member Costad3942807220 Aug '18 12:05Club Games
1444Subscriber Iron Duke3726721 Aug '18 05:36Club Games
1424Subscriber Mutt n Stu5826421 Aug '18 06:28Club Games
1422Subscriber Charlie6702732157021 Aug '18 05:44Club Games
1421Subscriber UNCLEBRO10775920 Aug '18 16:42Club Games

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