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Popeye the Sailor Man Club
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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1847Subscriber Aspasia15681417 Jun '18 20:48Club Games
1842Standard member pdunne1446917 Jun '18 15:30Club Games
1764Subscriber BartVH602117 Jun '18 20:31Club Games
1702Subscriber MAN O WAR4851029917 Jun '18 21:46Club Games
1673Subscriber Tonks130361617 Jun '18 21:17Club Games
1668Subscriber 64squaresofpain306317 Jun '18 12:04Club Games
1636Subscriber Ed Bernheim135434317 Jun '18 16:38Club Games
1628Subscriber Romie Dread3151362617 Jun '18 18:45Club Games
1620Subscriber beatlemania3161056217 Jun '18 09:12Club Games
1615Subscriber blue bird460549217 Jun '18 20:23Club Games
1613Subscriber Divot Farmer40191117 Jun '18 20:42Club Games
1608Subscriber sallenonline3661231317 Jun '18 21:48Club Games
1592Subscriber bob58online4571985617 Jun '18 21:46Club Games
1566Subscriber Alfie Beamishonline3814117 Jun '18 21:44Club Games
1557Subscriber Baard155317 Jun '18 21:28Club Games
1542Standard member hklee8631314 Jun '18 19:10Club Games
1531Subscriber cashthetrash4223617 Jun '18 20:45Club Games
1527Subscriber Nomoredoc4615317 Jun '18 07:59Club Games
1523Subscriber Marks777185117 Jun '18 18:29Club Games
1497Subscriber Hanzii9249817 Jun '18 21:15Club Games
1497Subscriber kirbythecat48827411217 Jun '18 14:13Club Games
1474Subscriber ZorroTheFox75357814017 Jun '18 17:24Club Games
1462Standard member SERGEANTPMAIN92391317 Jun '18 20:46Club Games
1458Subscriber Mutt n Stu5824416 Jun '18 07:29Club Games
1453Subscriber morphy51261217 Jun '18 20:09Club Games
1441Subscriber Tenacitiz1911133116 Jun '18 16:53Club Games
1440Subscriber UNCLEBRO10673916 Jun '18 13:23Club Games
1440Subscriber FERQUIROS2772323217 Jun '18 21:03Club Games
1436Subscriber Charlie6702171805317 Jun '18 18:06Club Games
1429Subscriber celtictiger137971217 Jun '18 20:11Club Games

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