Popeye the Sailor Man Club

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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1834SubscriberBartVH692120 Oct '18 20:30Club Games
1819SubscriberAspasia183111622 Oct '18 16:11Club Games
1780SubscriberBigDoggProblemonline441022 Oct '18 16:22Club Games
1778Standard memberpdunne171111522 Oct '18 15:25Club Games
1731Subscriber64squaresofpain609420 Oct '18 01:55Club Games
1700Subscriberbeatlemania3591076222 Oct '18 04:44Club Games
1666SubscriberMAN O WAR59211811622 Oct '18 16:19Club Games
1665Subscriberblue bird5266711422 Oct '18 14:27Club Games
1664SubscriberGyr49180322 Oct '18 11:18Club Games
1659SubscriberEd Bernheim146434322 Oct '18 15:31Club Games
1648Subscriberkirbythecat61130013622 Oct '18 13:43Club Games
1640SubscriberTonks131381622 Oct '18 14:05Club Games
1619Standard memberAlfie Beamish4918221 Oct '18 17:52Club Games
1571SubscriberNomoredoc6223522 Oct '18 06:44Club Games
1568SubscriberBaard2714322 Oct '18 10:52Club Games
1567Subscribercashthetrash4423622 Oct '18 10:49Club Games
1562SubscriberHanzii143691322 Oct '18 15:23Club Games
1550SubscriberDivot Farmer45241122 Oct '18 02:11Club Games
1533SubscriberMarks777195222 Oct '18 07:54Club Games
1531Standard memberhklee8732321 Oct '18 17:01Club Games
1511SubscriberRomie Dread6222344522 Oct '18 16:05Club Games
1495Subscriberbob585562357122 Oct '18 14:36Club Games
1487Standard memberCostad4002807322 Oct '18 12:05Club Games
1483SubscriberIron Duke4633822 Oct '18 15:37Club Games
1483Subscribermorphy56271322 Oct '18 10:45Club Games
1465SubscriberCharlie6703082317722 Oct '18 02:03Club Games
1465SubscriberKings Gambit2411222 Oct '18 11:32Club Games
1462Standard memberSERGEANTPMAIN92391322 Oct '18 10:37Club Games
1439Subscriberstephen0013342633322 Oct '18 13:51Club Games
1437SubscriberMATIC1511362222 Oct '18 15:37Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).