Popeye the Sailor Man Club

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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1929SubscriberBigDoggProblem1675318 Jan '19 03:01Club Games
1846SubscriberBartVH702117 Jan '19 21:26Club Games
1823SubscriberAspasia193121717 Jan '19 22:20Club Games
1734Standard memberpdunne173131617 Jan '19 18:50Club Games
1718Subscriber64squaresofpain8313717 Jan '19 18:20Club Games
1707Subscriberblue bird5677012318 Jan '19 04:12Club Games
1704SubscriberMAN O WAR66112813518 Jan '19 04:54Club Games
1691SubscriberEd Bernheim155434318 Jan '19 02:10Club Games
1678Subscriberkirbythecat67830614918 Jan '19 04:57Club Games
1626Subscribersallen5891893217 Jan '19 21:16Club Games
1619Standard memberAlfie Beamish4918217 Jan '19 22:47Club Games
1609Subscriberbeatlemania3741146318 Jan '19 02:53Club Games
1579SubscriberBaard3117317 Jan '19 20:36Club Games
1567Subscribercashthetrash4423617 Jan '19 12:44Club Games
1558Subscriberbob586152548618 Jan '19 02:32Club Games
1552SubscriberMarks777236218 Jan '19 03:58Club Games
1544SubscriberNomoredoc6627617 Jan '19 20:38Club Games
1539SubscriberKings Gambit4721618 Jan '19 04:22Club Games
1538SubscriberTonks135431617 Jan '19 21:03Club Games
1510Subscriberhklee8933418 Jan '19 05:17Club Games
1510SubscriberRomie Dread9243546418 Jan '19 04:36Club Games
1506SubscriberDivot Farmeronline50301118 Jan '19 05:21Club Games
1505Subscribermorphy62291317 Jan '19 08:05Club Games
1497Subscriberfelldancer119371217 Jan '19 22:36Club Games
1474Subscriberjb701622100817817 Jan '19 23:34Club Games
1465SubscriberHanzii178871518 Jan '19 02:42Club Games
1462Standard memberSERGEANTPMAIN92391318 Jan '19 02:31Club Games
1460Subscribermcmre1691992018 Jan '19 04:51Club Games
1457SubscriberMATIC1831502517 Jan '19 11:10Club Games
1456Standard memberGyr49188307 Nov '18 14:37Club Games

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