Popeye the Sailor Man Club

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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2088Subscriberdocjan2033304 Aug '21 00:12Club Games
1911SubscriberBartVH1074203 Aug '21 09:50Club Games
1883SubscriberTopar235211004 Aug '21 17:37Club Games
1882SubscriberAspasia294202604 Aug '21 20:47Club Games
1878Subscriber64squaresofpain150201603 Aug '21 22:54Club Games
1754SubscriberMAN O WAR111821022704 Aug '21 19:29Club Games
1712Subscriberbeatlemania6491738904 Aug '21 19:06Club Games
1672Subscriberblue bird89912318904 Aug '21 15:30Club Games
1671Subscriberjb702780159328204 Aug '21 20:43Club Games
1667Standard membercashthetrash5626731 Mar '21 03:37Club Games
1619Standard memberAlfie Beamish4918221 Jan '19 18:30Club Games
1614Standard memberTonks176582404 Aug '21 21:24Club Games
1582SubscriberKings Gambit111522404 Aug '21 16:31Club Games
1577Subscriberhklee131491104 Aug '21 19:59Club Games
1555Subscriberraiox4922504 Aug '21 21:12Club Games
1550Standard memberpdunne179231729 Sep '19 14:07Club Games
1548SubscriberMutt n Stu9240504 Aug '21 16:48Club Games
1545Subscriberbob58104642417004 Aug '21 19:51Club Games
1538SubscriberRomie Dread179469516104 Aug '21 22:13Club Games
1532Standard memberMarks7773214221 May '20 03:44Club Games
1526SubscriberAnitya187204 Aug '21 21:05Club Games
1525Standard memberBaard3622319 May '20 21:25Club Games
1504Standard memberlucabol128030 Apr '19 07:52Club Games
1502SubscriberEd Bernheim236836404 Aug '21 17:46Club Games
1470Standard memberSERGEANTPMAIN94401304 Aug '21 20:09Club Games
1456Standard memberGyr49188307 Nov '18 14:37Club Games
1453Subscribersallen8713075204 Aug '21 20:51Club Games
1435Standard memberUNCLEBRO1321031127 Jul '21 10:28Club Games
1415Subscriberpetshopboy227125604 Aug '21 18:28Club Games
1410SubscriberCrossy Fox137951004 Aug '21 21:46Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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