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Gambit Fantasy
Recruiting tournament players
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1976Standard member SeinfeldFan9112031236306 Apr '17 05:44Club Games
1970Subscriber bvinci363972321 Feb '18 21:55Club Games
1922Standard member Phillidor2846092728 Jan '15 02:08Club Games
1884Subscriber Mark C Marshall340524621 Feb '18 23:45Club Games
1852Standard member rookyrich6111816 Feb '18 23:17Club Games
1825Subscriber pdunne7792046521 Feb '18 21:39Club Games
1813Subscriber Paul Leggett193335122 Feb '18 02:20Club Games
1807Standard member whiterook2206412619 Feb '18 07:29Club Games
1771Subscriber Divot Farmer3051725821 Feb '18 15:47Club Games
1757Subscriber RaggaMat104211122 Dec '16 19:53Club Games
1752Subscriber gundel9816622 Feb '18 00:08Club Games
1724Subscriber MikeWallace6024714 Feb '18 18:08Club Games
1687Subscriber procykonline140753812422 Feb '18 03:06Club Games
1634Subscriber daromott2971264822 Feb '18 01:57Club Games
1632Standard member luke myster5220503 Nov '15 21:58Club Games
1631Subscriber red cloud1631553222 Feb '18 02:27Club Games
1628Subscriber BigDoggProblemonline16624919422 Feb '18 03:14Club Games
1608Subscriber Richard Laura3221167029 Mar '15 21:17Club Games
1605Standard member fabien753117908 Sep '15 18:42Club Games
1603Subscriber greenpawn344481021 Feb '18 19:28Club Games
1601Subscriber LittleDonkey3411784321 Feb '18 18:44Club Games
1588Subscriber mktap266206 Apr '17 19:38Club Games
1581Subscriber beatlemania4361825121 Feb '18 02:42Club Games
1574Subscriber Swiss Toni379781017 Feb '18 21:34Club Games
1568Standard member hklee111631618 Feb '18 23:10Club Games
1561Subscriber MAN O WAR94238920122 Feb '18 00:16Club Games
1557Subscriber Alfie Beamish4417422 Feb '18 00:01Club Games
1556Subscriber TheSurgeon2914421 Feb '18 20:35Club Games
1529Subscriber Proper Knob6143521 Feb '18 18:37Club Games
1524Standard member Hardesty Paladino2618630 Jul '15 20:18Club Games

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