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Gambit Fantasy
Recruiting tournament players
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1972Subscriber bvinci364972324 May '18 01:28Club Games
1948Standard member SeinfeldFan9112041246306 Apr '17 05:44Club Games
1922Standard member Phillidor2846092728 Jan '15 02:08Club Games
1904Subscriber Mark C Marshall359524724 May '18 03:35Club Games
1859Standard member pdunne8272066924 May '18 07:58Club Games
1852Standard member rookyrich6111810 May '18 19:49Club Games
1850Subscriber Paul Leggett200335122 May '18 06:12Club Games
1807Standard member whiterook2206412620 May '18 21:41Club Games
1806Subscriber procyk157057713224 May '18 04:15Club Games
1781Subscriber gundel10416624 May '18 01:49Club Games
1769Subscriber BigDoggProblem18225149724 May '18 05:26Club Games
1757Standard member RaggaMat104211122 Dec '16 19:53Club Games
1724Subscriber MikeWallace6024727 Mar '18 19:26Club Games
1663Subscriber red cloud1671563224 May '18 01:13Club Games
1646Subscriber daromott2981264924 May '18 08:30Club Games
1632Standard member luke myster5220503 Nov '15 21:58Club Games
1617Subscriber Divot Farmer3291856023 May '18 20:12Club Games
1608Standard member Richard Laura3221167029 Mar '15 21:17Club Games
1607Subscriber greenpawn344581024 May '18 09:20Club Games
1605Standard member fabien753117908 Sep '15 18:42Club Games
1589Subscriber MAN O WAR98539820924 May '18 07:19Club Games
1588Subscriber mktap266206 Apr '17 19:38Club Games
1582Subscriber Baard225123 May '18 22:53Club Games
1575Standard member hklee112631621 May '18 13:31Club Games
1574Subscriber Swiss Toni380781013 May '18 13:08Club Games
1574Subscriber LittleDonkey3551884424 May '18 06:35Club Games
1564Subscriber beatlemania4591875322 May '18 23:32Club Games
1562Subscriber Nomoredoc100481424 May '18 06:09Club Games
1554Subscriber Ashiitaka5734824 May '18 09:02Club Games
1549Subscriber TheSurgeon3016423 May '18 16:19Club Games

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