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Gambit Fantasy
Recruiting tournament players
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1976Standard member SeinfeldFan9112031236306 Apr '17 05:44Club Games
1943Subscriber bvinci358972313 Dec '17 13:47Club Games
1922Standard member Phillidor2846092728 Jan '15 02:08Club Games
1912Subscriber Mark C Marshall337514613 Dec '17 16:15Club Games
1852Standard member rookyrich6111813 Dec '17 11:17Club Games
1807Standard member whiterook2206412611 Dec '17 07:23Club Games
1800Subscriber Paul Leggett192335113 Dec '17 11:15Club Games
1771Subscriber pdunne7422016313 Dec '17 16:45Club Games
1757Subscriber RaggaMat104211122 Dec '16 19:53Club Games
1745Subscriber BigDoggProblem15894699213 Dec '17 06:04Club Games
1742Subscriber gundel9616613 Dec '17 15:19Club Games
1737Subscriber MikeWallace6023712 Dec '17 20:02Club Games
1710Subscriber procyk131352112113 Dec '17 16:39Club Games
1705Subscriber Ragwort On Vacation215442513 Dec '17 16:54Club Games
1678Subscriber MAN O WAR91137619013 Dec '17 15:01Club Games
1676Subscriber Divot Farmer2871715613 Dec '17 04:54Club Games
1655Subscriber red cloud1611513213 Dec '17 01:54Club Games
1632Standard member luke myster5220503 Nov '15 21:58Club Games
1624Subscriber Alfie Beamish3312313 Dec '17 13:28Club Games
1608Subscriber Richard Laura3221167029 Mar '15 21:17Club Games
1605Standard member fabien753117908 Sep '15 18:42Club Games
1602Subscriber daromott2951254713 Dec '17 12:02Club Games
1588Subscriber mktap266206 Apr '17 19:38Club Games
1574Subscriber Swiss Toni379781010 Dec '17 15:48Club Games
1568Standard member hklee111631613 Dec '17 16:01Club Games
1555Subscriber greenpawn34265609 Dec '17 02:41Club Games
1552Subscriber TheSurgeononline2814413 Dec '17 17:04Club Games
1551Subscriber LittleDonkey3191693813 Dec '17 07:55Club Games
1543Subscriber beatlemania4131794811 Dec '17 15:57Club Games
1536Standard member oradbaforpsoft85491413 Dec '17 14:34Club Games

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