The ROOK is on Fire!

Rooks are strongest when they protect each other

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1908Standard membercaissad45948810727 Feb '21 15:38Club Games
1908Standard membermihai52201233128 Feb '21 06:47Club Games
1731SubscriberAspasia315366628 Feb '21 12:35Club Games
1519SubscriberMAN O WAR42415412228 Feb '21 13:26Club Games
1506Subscriberbeatlemania2291354227 Feb '21 03:04Club Games
1431SubscriberTheSurgeon1815327 Feb '21 20:07Club Games
1428Standard memberTonks65351728 Feb '21 07:56Club Games
1423SubscriberSirveyor108531928 Feb '21 10:24Club Games
1381Standard memberargos148277528 Feb '21 13:26Club Games
1368SubscriberBobla454432527 Feb '21 02:51Club Games
1316Subscriberjunnujannu3711926428 Feb '21 13:21Club Games
1315Standard memberColin John White1411028 Feb '21 00:18Club Games
1292Standard memberGrizlyk2315424 Feb '21 20:26Club Games
1260Standard memberburellin3234428 Feb '21 13:03Club Games
1255Standard membergearies107628 Feb '21 12:09Club Games
1251Standard membershaggerjagger1813628 Feb '21 10:46Club Games
1219Subscriberelsport1221714028 Feb '21 12:34Club Games
1196Subscriberalastair nicoll4549928 Feb '21 06:35Club Games
1187Subscriberpietercremer1218427 Feb '21 22:12Club Games
1179Standard memberAbu15026070927 Feb '21 21:47Club Games
1177Standard membermorphy4463801 Jan '21 11:08Club Games
1169Standard memberBlackOnWhite817328 Feb '21 10:14Club Games
1168Subscribergolddog2113151928 Feb '21 05:23Club Games
1161Subscriberwdbailey3042127 Feb '21 07:30Club Games
1156SubscriberVery Rusty1932312928 Feb '21 13:37Club Games
1150Standard memberHEDROSS3868527 Feb '21 01:49Club Games
1126Standard memberqvillin1662326 Feb '21 22:47Club Games
1115Subscribercubsnation132735628 Feb '21 12:36Club Games
1112SubscriberJeanTylerGabriel1393373127 Feb '21 05:14Club Games
1111Standard memberFlaxamilius2658428 Feb '21 10:45Club Games

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