Back in the USSR

"Back in the USSR" is a 1968 song by The Beatles. All players over the former USSR are welcome! All players from Europe are welcome! All players around over the free world are more than welcome!

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1953Standard membermihai52191182017 Nov '18 14:09Club Games
1858Standard membercaissad4579859518 Nov '18 02:58Club Games
1686SubscriberAspasia297266317 Nov '18 21:27Club Games
1582Standard memberpdunne127281817 Nov '18 07:29Club Games
1526SubscriberSwiss Toni83582317 Nov '18 15:55Club Games
1506Subscriberbeatlemania1841123218 Nov '18 02:44Club Games
1486Standard memberMARFONSO294004 May '10 06:35Club Games
1482Standard memberbluecheese345301 Sep '11 02:00Club Games
1472SubscriberMAN O WAR36713911118 Nov '18 04:36Club Games
1465Standard memberpancser2307411 Nov '10 17:15Club Games
1441Standard memberLundos2671315 Nov '18 14:18Club Games
1431SubscriberTheSurgeon1815316 Nov '18 18:47Club Games
1430Standard membermassimo4631181426 Mar '14 13:12Club Games
1410Standard memberJohn McRow1251072003 Apr '18 10:57Club Games
1403SubscriberTonks54271509 Nov '18 21:39Club Games
1400Standard memberraging rat2410815 May '11 22:45Club Games
1384SubscriberSirveyor97471718 Nov '18 00:12Club Games
1381Standard memberargos148277517 Nov '18 22:45Club Games
1352Standard memberholnaputan4020601 Apr '14 18:15Club Games
1347Standard memberVivek5961221204 Apr '13 05:16Club Games
1330Standard memberTukumnieks1271182012 Mar '15 09:41Club Games
1330Standard memberMadH2010528 Jun '13 19:52Club Games
1313Standard memberkingarthur712106 Nov '15 19:55Club Games
1300Standard memberkurkulis1913402 May '18 19:22Club Games
1283Standard membergxlnc278023 Mar '11 01:02Club Games
1282Standard membershaggerjagger1811617 Nov '18 12:56Club Games
1280Standard memberGrizlyk1813316 Nov '18 18:18Club Games
1279Standard memberstephen crook2915410 Feb '15 23:58Club Games
1278Standard memberKilgor Traut241030 Aug '13 15:21Club Games
1276Standard memberhoochicoochiman1112109 Nov '18 08:58Club Games

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