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Back in the USSR
"Back in the USSR" is a 1968 song by The Beatles. All players over the former USSR are welcome! All players from Europe are welcome! All players around over the free world are more than welcome!
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1958Standard member mihai52191181918 Aug '18 15:57Club Games
1860Standard member caissad4578859319 Aug '18 16:16Club Games
1696Subscriber Aspasia294256320 Aug '18 06:35Club Games
1576Standard member pdunneonline125281820 Aug '18 08:28Club Games
1526Subscriber Swiss Toni83582318 Aug '18 00:38Club Games
1518Subscriber MAN O WAR35913310820 Aug '18 08:25Club Games
1498Subscriber beatlemania1801123220 Aug '18 04:23Club Games
1486Standard member MARFONSO294004 May '10 06:35Club Games
1482Standard member bluecheese345301 Sep '11 02:00Club Games
1465Standard member pancser2307411 Nov '10 17:15Club Games
1441Standard member Lundos2671319 Aug '18 09:25Club Games
1430Standard member massimo4631181426 Mar '14 13:12Club Games
1420Subscriber Tonks53261519 Aug '18 06:41Club Games
1410Standard member John McRow1251072003 Apr '18 10:57Club Games
1400Standard member raging rat2410815 May '11 22:45Club Games
1390Subscriber TheSurgeon1615319 Aug '18 18:12Club Games
1384Subscriber Sirveyor97471720 Aug '18 00:08Club Games
1381Standard member argos148277520 Aug '18 03:06Club Games
1352Standard member holnaputan4020601 Apr '14 18:15Club Games
1347Standard member Vivek5961221204 Apr '13 05:16Club Games
1330Standard member Tukumnieks1271182012 Mar '15 09:41Club Games
1330Standard member MadH2010528 Jun '13 19:52Club Games
1313Standard member kingarthur712106 Nov '15 19:55Club Games
1308Subscriber alastair nicoll3936820 Aug '18 08:15Club Games
1301Standard member Grizlyk1812317 Aug '18 20:09Club Games
1300Standard member kurkulis1913402 May '18 19:22Club Games
1288Standard member shaggerjagger1810618 Aug '18 16:39Club Games
1283Standard member gxlnc278023 Mar '11 01:02Club Games
1279Standard member stephen crook2915410 Feb '15 23:58Club Games
1278Standard member Kilgor Traut241030 Aug '13 15:21Club Games

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