protect animals

For those who love animals and are interested in protecting endangered animals. No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity,...William Shakespeare

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2071Standard membercaissad4728668801 Aug '21 20:45Club Games
1890Subscriberprocyk463762103 Aug '21 15:53Club Games
1813Standard memberRevRSleeker341827 Feb '14 00:39Club Games
1777Standard memberRichard Laura107232529 Mar '15 21:17Club Games
1694SubscriberEd Bernheim445965304 Aug '21 05:11Club Games
1662Subscribercarystover7733904 Aug '21 03:27Club Games
1643Standard memberLATITUDE 067231209 Mar '15 16:44Club Games
1638Standard memberRavnur6621930 Sep '16 20:13Club Games
1624Standard membertalzamir102291203 Aug '21 21:39Club Games
1621Subscriberspats182821804 Aug '21 01:09Club Games
1612Standard memberTonks184582603 Aug '21 21:48Club Games
1599Standard memberigorkluza163210 Jul '21 23:34Club Games
1575Standard memberItsYouThatIAdore2211124 Jul '12 15:05Club Games
1545Subscribersperzmanonline3492005804 Aug '21 08:39Club Games
1543Standard memberTony52254504 Nov '14 11:11Club Games
1542Standard memberTheCSR209420 Mar '15 14:05Club Games
1523Subscriberboblix2916003 Aug '21 13:40Club Games
1510SubscriberRed Houseonline2823063004 Aug '21 08:41Club Games
1508Standard memberTukumnieks514112 Mar '15 09:41Club Games
1471SubscriberJayhawk34129932104 Aug '21 04:31Club Games
1467SubscriberCharlie6701941093704 Aug '21 02:25Club Games
1452Standard memberbesaswp5717617 Sep '13 00:46Club Games
1443SubscriberJonPenny63105303 Aug '21 17:46Club Games
1440Subscriberbralen3227118 Feb '20 00:16Club Games
1440Standard membergrigorfb8187717 Feb '17 03:19Club Games
1419Subscriberjecidi1762053504 Aug '21 07:26Club Games
1412Standard membersmiler27051313305 Aug '13 12:49Club Games
1408Standard memberDonmac128128 Apr '19 14:14Club Games
1385Subscriberalastair nicoll79461204 Aug '21 04:56Club Games
1365Standard membercohonas8833303 May '14 08:02Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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