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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2155Standard membercaissad4113113116114 Apr '21 15:04Club Games
2134Standard membermihai52380192417 Apr '21 21:12Club Games
2017SubscriberBartVH219111517 Apr '21 18:08Club Games
2005SubscriberAspasia570457217 Apr '21 20:21Club Games
1973Subscribergundel197322417 Apr '21 14:35Club Games
1923Subscriberscorpio449981816 Nov '20 23:17Club Games
1913Standard membervik19115261516 Apr '21 18:16Club Games
1819SubscriberMAN O WAR115424717917 Apr '21 21:13Club Games
1794SubscriberRetnacsong255417 Apr '21 01:48Club Games
1779Subscriber64squaresofpain85241017 Apr '21 15:17Club Games
1771Subscribershaptoni19036917 Apr '21 06:29Club Games
1680Standard memberMarks7774410321 May '20 03:44Club Games
1667Standard memberTonks3771214516 Apr '21 22:14Club Games
1667Standard membermmmjv244107 Apr '20 15:51Club Games
1658SubscriberEd Bernheim86523912317 Apr '21 05:18Club Games
1656Subscriberraiox7944817 Apr '21 19:53Club Games
1635SubscriberHerman9873241067017 Apr '21 20:45Club Games
1617SubscriberAshiitaka2420217 Apr '21 17:05Club Games
1616Subscriberjmi602891503217 Apr '21 20:35Club Games
1607Standard memberBaard3511219 May '20 21:25Club Games
1601Subscriberwizardschess39514315617 Apr '21 14:06Club Games
1597Subscribertombeatenbaugh3751864917 Apr '21 09:19Club Games
1595Standard memberaga3online6825295217 Apr '21 21:08Club Games
1572SubscriberShelrock575743998717 Apr '21 18:56Club Games
1558SubscriberRomie Dread134566813617 Apr '21 19:03Club Games
1545Standard memberTrev33209117 Apr '21 20:40Club Games
1544Subscriberjb702583148428217 Apr '21 20:08Club Games
1541Standard memberjocsjunior114851608 Mar '21 19:47Club Games
1540Standard memberSERGEANTPMAIN184944517 Apr '21 16:20Club Games
1531Subscriberthey2826217 Apr '21 15:45Club Games

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