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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2157Standard membercaissad4113213116223 Oct '21 23:47Club Games
2134Standard membermihai52380192424 Oct '21 10:15Club Games
2114Subscribermikeduq56190127 Oct '21 10:17Club Games
2010SubscriberBartVH221121526 Oct '21 20:35Club Games
1998SubscriberAspasia575477427 Oct '21 06:14Club Games
1969Subscribergundel200352627 Oct '21 09:06Club Games
1923Standard memberscorpio449981816 Nov '20 23:17Club Games
1913Standard membervik19115261512 Oct '21 22:07Club Games
1818SubscriberMAN O WAR118425018527 Oct '21 02:47Club Games
1808Subscriber64squaresofpain88251226 Oct '21 17:20Club Games
1797SubscriberRetnacsong266425 Oct '21 16:42Club Games
1730Subscriberraiox88441227 Oct '21 06:05Club Games
1728Subscribershaptoni197411027 Oct '21 07:05Club Games
1689SubscriberHerman9873451127426 Oct '21 22:13Club Games
1680Standard memberMarks7774410321 May '20 03:44Club Games
1667Standard memberTonks3771214526 Oct '21 21:38Club Games
1667Standard membermmmjv244107 Apr '20 15:51Club Games
1621Subscriberjb70online2741155229627 Oct '21 10:31Club Games
1617Standard memberAshiitaka2420205 Jul '21 12:05Club Games
1612SubscriberEd Bernheim87324312626 Oct '21 22:56Club Games
1609Subscriberilluminator183127 Oct '21 04:43Club Games
1608Subscriberwizardschess40015015727 Oct '21 03:33Club Games
1608Subscriberjmi603011573327 Oct '21 07:31Club Games
1607Standard memberBaard3511219 May '20 21:25Club Games
1601SubscriberRomie Dread144170415227 Oct '21 09:02Club Games
1595Standard memberaga36825295227 Oct '21 09:00Club Games
1571Subscribertombeatenbaugh3771885027 Oct '21 09:50Club Games
1522Standard memberTrev332111126 Oct '21 11:41Club Games
1520Standard memberSERGEANTPMAIN184954526 Oct '21 13:27Club Games
1499SubscriberShelrock576004179027 Oct '21 05:04Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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