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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2146Standard member mihai52373141325 Sep '18 09:24Club Games
2145Standard member sbacat62591024 Sep '18 23:38Club Games
2132Standard member caissad4111712815024 Sep '18 14:13Club Games
2008Subscriber BartVH200101523 Sep '18 19:19Club Games
1991Subscriber gundel169272325 Sep '18 07:32Club Games
1951Subscriber Aspasia511326525 Sep '18 09:32Club Games
1913Standard member vik19115261527 Jul '18 12:55Club Games
1885Standard member whiterook220342220 Sep '18 05:01Club Games
1871Standard member CondePoderoso9115121 Sep '18 07:38Club Games
1864Subscriber scorpio445051425 Sep '18 06:56Club Games
1844Standard member Old Eagle887212 Nov '12 13:21Club Games
1814Subscriber shaptoni18229824 Sep '18 20:12Club Games
1804Subscriber MAN O WAR84719014425 Sep '18 05:30Club Games
1780Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation5212624 Sep '18 08:12Club Games
1771Subscriber Tonks3471014024 Sep '18 16:40Club Games
1744Subscriber mktap336106 Apr '17 19:38Club Games
1741Subscriber wizardschess33211410425 Sep '18 02:42Club Games
1700Subscriber Marks777388324 Sep '18 22:02Club Games
1690Subscriber Ed Bernheim79421611025 Sep '18 00:22Club Games
1690Subscriber Swiss Toni14345525 Sep '18 04:10Club Games
1680Subscriber Alfie Beamish6226425 Sep '18 06:46Club Games
1670Standard member Richard Laura68332929 Mar '15 21:17Club Games
1667Standard member mmmjv244121 Dec '17 16:12Club Games
1660Standard member RevRSleeker30131427 Feb '14 00:39Club Games
1660Standard member pulga103421322 Feb '16 00:27Club Games
1648Standard member Ravnur7433730 Sep '16 20:13Club Games
1620Subscriber raiox4625525 Sep '18 07:10Club Games
1618Subscriber Shelrock574983327624 Sep '18 19:40Club Games
1618Subscriber Hyperion7105601124 Sep '18 22:41Club Games
1616Standard member jertamev2517420 Jun '18 19:53Club Games

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