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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2173Standard member caissad4200417020112 Dec '17 03:58Club Games
2156Subscriber Thunderrook8291911 Dec '17 22:19Club Games
2141Standard member mihai52383231311 Dec '17 14:44Club Games
1964Standard member CondePoderoso190411711 Dec '17 21:46Club Games
1950Subscriber pondskater1058811 Dec '17 22:21Club Games
1932Standard member whiterook2208212811 Dec '17 07:23Club Games
1884Subscriber Apawnocalypse30067810 Dec '17 12:09Club Games
1881Standard member SeinfeldFan9146140706 Apr '17 05:44Club Games
1868Subscriber epicurean1185310 Dec '17 22:07Club Games
1862Standard member LincolnRhyme596625 Aug '15 21:15Club Games
1858Subscriber zonnebloem4425812 Dec '17 00:02Club Games
1854Subscriber Aspasia642467611 Dec '17 21:55Club Games
1846Subscriber Time Traveller5618310 Dec '17 19:33Club Games
1844Subscriber Paul Leggett118302711 Dec '17 23:18Club Games
1837Subscriber BartVH635311 Dec '17 16:53Club Games
1830Standard member Alan hollywell268208 Mar '17 05:39Club Games
1815Standard member KnightStalker47569211 Dec '17 19:47Club Games
1799Subscriber MAN O WAR90523216512 Dec '17 04:25Club Games
1787Standard member jbuddattuonline247212 Dec '17 04:29Club Games
1782Standard member DonQ590220 Nov '13 23:35Club Games
1763Standard member HFRJPcheck2561046911 Dec '17 21:59Club Games
1748Subscriber shaptoni On Vacation14234811 Dec '17 07:24Club Games
1748Subscriber wizardschess4871427212 Dec '17 03:50Club Games
1739Subscriber Swiss Toni38962410 Dec '17 15:48Club Games
1735Standard member venci281609 Dec '17 12:21Club Games
1728Subscriber Tonks389993611 Dec '17 23:21Club Games
1728Standard member Billtong295106 Jan '15 05:59Club Games
1700Subscriber Ashiitaka369211 Dec '17 10:14Club Games
1697Subscriber c antunes185110 Dec '17 10:12Club Games
1694Subscriber bralen497329 Jan '17 01:43Club Games

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