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Maybe Masters ?
A club for players rated over 2000 at any time, non subs welcome. Quality games with quality players!!!!!
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1490Subscriber Thunderrook331413 Dec '17 12:48Club Games
1420Subscriber mandolindan150807 Dec '17 01:44Club Games
1368Standard member ontheclock2691504 May '17 20:23Club Games
1368Standard member caissad438562613 Dec '17 16:46Club Games
1270Subscriber tappa60351213 Dec '17 16:36Club Games
1223Standard member rookyrich1261013 Dec '17 11:17Club Games
1195Standard member whiterook22017101011 Dec '17 07:23Club Games
1173Subscriber epicurean188513 Dec '17 14:17Club Games
1169Standard member LincolnRhyme491025 Aug '15 21:15Club Games
1130Subscriber Mark C Marshall169813 Dec '17 16:15Club Games
1127Subscriber RaggaMat2132922 Dec '16 19:53Club Games
1126Subscriber gundel23181113 Dec '17 15:19Club Games
1113Subscriber durienb1024413 Dec '17 06:14Club Games
1033Subscriber joesheppe922412 Dec '17 04:25Club Games
1028Standard member pikejohn45352419 Aug '15 02:56Club Games
1024Subscriber Swiss Toni1531610 Dec '17 15:48Club Games
942Subscriber procyk1963913 Dec '17 16:39Club Games

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