1000-1500 Club

Fast and slow paced. Thematic tournaments for those who wish to explore openings and gambits.

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1477Subscriberchristiaanj5122030 May '23 14:16Club Games
1470Subscriberalan holman144631530 May '23 22:24Club Games
1410Subscriberpeter wilton278130 May '23 22:23Club Games
1399Subscriber3rd Ave Slinger2917229 May '23 20:04Club Games
1389Subscribermeterman4117430 May '23 18:35Club Games
1384Subscriberalphie berg1610230 May '23 19:52Club Games
1381Standard memberPerreby156131 Jul '17 13:25Club Games
1355Standard memberEVG128014 Apr '21 01:27Club Games
1349SubscriberXineBBSA4539929 May '23 08:13Club Games
1345Subscriberscoop1223227530 May '23 06:51Club Games
1342SubscriberMitchapolooza164126831 May '23 00:31Club Games
1335Standard memberYroyathon147121 Jun '17 16:49Club Games
1335Subscriberbohemia51257961330 May '23 19:01Club Games
1334Standard memberbks20006056030 May '23 18:21Club Games
1326Standard memberFlower043724028 Jun '16 13:11Club Games
1317Standard memberderekxv2514123 Sep '20 07:21Club Games
1294Subscribercolin powell2722130 May '23 22:01Club Games
1278Standard memberThomasAy7460627 Jul '17 10:15Club Games
1275Standard memberFireofGod1915118 May '19 12:40Club Games
1270Subscriberlanepe3340430 May '23 20:50Club Games
1235Standard memberDannyjack1011026 Sep '22 13:34Club Games
1229Standard memberDiggsby2312205 Jul '19 14:25Club Games
1215Subscriberwoody651301131930 May '23 18:14Club Games
1167Subscriberlaurence c2161842631 May '23 00:28Club Games
1165SubscriberVESPIN5771331 May '23 02:13Club Games
1163Subscriberjrps335352430 May '23 07:20Club Games
1161Standard memberLusoCanuck2834328 May '17 13:54Club Games
1155SubscriberAndy Spry5854212 Jul '17 14:52Club Games
1154SubscriberLegendOfEd2052081930 May '23 22:03Club Games
1153Subscribercdurkin151250730 May '23 18:40Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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