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1000-1500 Club
Fast and slow paced. Thematic tournaments for those who wish to explore openings and gambits.
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1453Subscriber alan holman On Vacation118551323 Jun '18 07:09Club Games
1449Subscriber peter wilton173023 Jun '18 11:52Club Games
1442Subscriber Ponderableonline1631022023 Jun '18 17:34Club Games
1412Subscriber meterman3211322 Jun '18 19:58Club Games
1387Subscriber alphie berg149223 Jun '18 14:07Club Games
1381Standard member Perreby156131 Jul '17 13:25Club Games
1371Standard member Yroyathon145121 Jun '17 16:49Club Games
1364Subscriber laurence c107801623 Jun '18 17:03Club Games
1326Standard member Flower043724028 Jun '16 13:11Club Games
1325Subscriber xinebbsa2427823 Jun '18 07:25Club Games
1321Subscriber 3rd Ave Slinger1211123 Jun '18 15:51Club Games
1316Subscriber LegendOfEd115891023 Jun '18 15:27Club Games
1310Subscriber christiaanj1610022 Jun '18 19:07Club Games
1293Subscriber lechleronline2834523 Jun '18 17:35Club Games
1290Subscriber woody65online112811423 Jun '18 17:36Club Games
1278Standard member ThomasAy7460627 Jul '17 10:15Club Games
1275Standard member FireofGod1915123 Jun '18 16:15Club Games
1266Subscriber jrps332014221 Jun '18 23:46Club Games
1258Subscriber scoop1221618223 Jun '18 15:34Club Games
1255Subscriber bks20004544023 Jun '18 14:50Club Games
1254Subscriber derekxv1710122 Jun '18 23:01Club Games
1243Subscriber cdurkin6469423 Jun '18 13:17Club Games
1241Subscriber colin powell1515023 Jun '18 14:50Club Games
1222Subscriber lanepe1424123 Jun '18 17:42Club Games
1210Subscriber Diggsby2112217 Nov '17 23:02Club Games
1208Subscriber Timzsn2131952023 Jun '18 01:24Club Games
1192Subscriber oriole11225866523 Jun '18 11:05Club Games
1182Subscriber Suzianne715023 Jun '18 09:19Club Games
1161Subscriber LusoCanuck2834328 May '17 13:54Club Games
1155Subscriber Andy Spry5854212 Jul '17 14:52Club Games

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