The Reckless Players

Players with scattered brains.

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1931Standard membercaissad4251121612 Dec '18 14:52Club Games
1828SubscriberBartVH401511 Dec '18 21:42Club Games
1611Subscriberbeatlemania2821173912 Dec '18 03:54Club Games
1549Subscriberdruss7825702 Oct '18 19:34Club Games
1468Standard memberAndrew Diniz5122415 May '14 10:16Club Games
1452Standard memberOleander293927826 Feb '16 02:53Club Games
1431Subscriberpeter wilton1917012 Dec '18 05:28Club Games
1429SubscriberZorroTheFox5113675612 Dec '18 14:40Club Games
1422Subscriberderiver6972651412 Dec '18 11:18Club Games
1412Standard memberObiJKenobi2814126 Oct '14 16:12Club Games
1404Standard memberNietzsche184495751317 Oct '18 19:20Club Games
1379Standard memberO Artem O2922326 Jun '11 13:09Club Games
1379Standard memberHurricaneConway1252813212 Jan '11 09:01Club Games
1374Standard memberbarselona199217 Feb '12 12:14Club Games
1355SubscriberErwin Weinzinger5648712 Dec '18 16:20Club Games
1318Subscriberdsmith179211812 Dec '18 01:29Club Games
1306SubscriberBeeny6359928 Oct '18 14:58Club Games
1306Donationmurrow1815112 Dec '18 14:39Club Games
1299Standard memberAndrew69696836406 Aug '11 20:12Club Games
1284SubscriberScotty701610004 Dec '18 16:58Club Games
1280Subscriberchessnut622222012612 Dec '18 17:44Club Games
1275Standard memberDrjMrj2120111 Aug '15 04:25Club Games
1260Standard memberdrewfair2227201 Feb '16 07:48Club Games
1240SubscriberBaronVonChickenpants4033212 Dec '18 10:13Club Games
1239Standard membercliff474036316 Jun '13 18:32Club Games
1224Standard memberrramat1817117 Jan '11 08:38Club Games
1223SubscriberMarinkatomb1218012 Dec '18 17:50Club Games
1222Standard membersabend4335320 Jul '17 20:03Club Games
1221Standard memberAlamo2428012 Dec '18 18:01Club Games
1215Standard memberdreven2623103 Apr '12 17:20Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).