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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1862Standard membermihai52406854102 Jul '22 20:55Club Games
1733Standard memberpetrovitch492306 Jan '11 21:31Club Games
1675Standard memberelgallo124441330 Apr '13 20:42Club Games
1670Standard memberpf3016261507 May '09 11:51Club Games
1645Standard memberpaolo2504538707 Jul '19 01:13Club Games
1638Subscriberbeatlemania3672803602 Jul '22 14:12Club Games
1638Standard memberradnis212109 Mar '13 10:46Club Games
1630Standard membernycllama133622 Sep '10 20:38Club Games
1612Standard memberjeffrey johnson196119 Aug '16 09:32Club Games
1608Standard memberefilmar4210907 Jun '15 19:30Club Games
1606Standard memberPatzerLars330016 Nov '10 17:21Club Games
1551Standard membersmays146009 Feb '12 23:56Club Games
1546Standard memberkhi89441206 Jun '12 13:53Club Games
1530Standard memberWomby Dog3013424 Aug '11 06:52Club Games
1521Standard memberDuckboy3681955120 Aug '14 09:07Club Games
1505Standard memberGatusso4930313 Feb '14 16:10Club Games
1484Standard memberKnightStalker477441816 May '21 02:03Club Games
1482Subscriberraiox4319402 Jul '22 21:27Club Games
1474Standard memberLawrence Pugh148207 Apr '11 01:24Club Games
1469Standard membersoonermagic1999158026 Jun '22 23:30Club Games
1467Standard memberKunsoo58451102 Jul '22 22:55Club Games
1456Standard memberDem Ravenburg4122125 Apr '16 07:20Club Games
1449SubscriberCharlie670125682402 Jul '22 18:40Club Games
1441Standard memberSemperfi4618427 Mar '15 00:34Club Games
1434Standard memberyosiman294113 Dec '16 06:05Club Games
1426Standard memberRalex167009 Apr '09 23:38Club Games
1421Standard memberpirate2421001 Jul '22 15:04Club Games
1415Standard memberdsmfire4034328 Jan '11 23:00Club Games
1411Standard memberAndy M2317029 Sep '18 13:04Club Games
1379Standard memberbeedissle2412118 Jan '11 16:28Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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