Smiffy's Pawn Stars

Aiming to become a good and enjoyable club.....

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1921Standard membersbacat1210422 Oct '18 16:18Club Games
1797Standard membercaissad4508488022 Oct '18 11:25Club Games
1765DonationDavid Tebb292124 Jun '15 12:33Club Games
1698Standard membertigerking556722 Jan '13 18:33Club Games
1599Standard memberItsYouThatIAdore137714324 Jul '12 15:05Club Games
1550SubscriberTonks63281022 Oct '18 22:18Club Games
1542Standard memberbikingviking1614322 Oct '18 19:15Club Games
1519Standard membergutsiman9535605 Jun '16 09:38Club Games
1504Subscriberstratosph3R354281621 Oct '18 20:38Club Games
1490Standard memberLundos51162118 Oct '18 16:18Club Games
1480Standard memberSmiffy46181411 Jun '18 05:09Club Games
1477Standard memberefilmar3113707 Jun '15 19:30Club Games
1447Subscribercashthetrash3011622 Oct '18 10:49Club Games
1423Subscribermy2sons59382216 Oct '18 00:08Club Games
1403Standard memberHFRJPcheck108793602 Jan '18 18:09Club Games
1396Subscribertexasnurseonline1391831623 Oct '18 02:46Club Games
1373SubscriberDalradian1872482622 Oct '18 16:21Club Games
1363SubscriberUNCLEBRO3431523 Oct '18 01:58Club Games
1324Standard memberjohn garvin1010118 Sep '13 23:34Club Games
1321Standard memberLooker4124230 Sep '12 20:46Club Games
1319Standard memberZaibo92230315 Jan '12 13:35Club Games
1309Standard memberchuphone5667908 Dec '13 02:55Club Games
1303SubscriberBaard2617322 Oct '18 10:52Club Games
1294Standard membernunupal819103 Sep '17 17:02Club Games
1293SubscriberPariah3253429323 Oct '18 01:12Club Games
1279DonationLuckonline4314739023 Oct '18 02:46Club Games
1274Standard memberJamin2521115 Oct '11 23:39Club Games
1273Standard membersgg1113117 Oct '18 11:35Club Games
1272Standard memberdhdenbow88681427 Dec '14 21:06Club Games
1264Standard memberVivek591111204 Apr '13 05:16Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).