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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1675SubscriberToonterror43121026 Feb '21 19:25Club Games
1606Standard memberMP6091130 May '14 04:54Club Games
1560Standard memberChesshorn274916 Apr '11 22:08Club Games
1537Standard memberMarko Krale3991637627 Feb '21 07:07Club Games
1536SubscriberJonathan Schmidt227526 Feb '21 16:54Club Games
1493Standard memberBrodCPFC3615209 Mar '19 16:17Club Games
1485Standard memberPeakite8219804 May '18 15:46Club Games
1484Standard memberBull McCabe2110517 May '18 17:24Club Games
1469Subscribercharliechester2416326 Feb '21 10:21Club Games
1465Standard memberLundos3110617 Feb '21 19:03Club Games
1425Subscriberelsport122802626 Feb '21 22:56Club Games
1420SubscriberMr Bump2121827 Feb '21 09:52Club Games
1412Subscribercantspell5646427 Feb '21 08:28Club Games
1402SubscriberGrandmaster bater16582927 Feb '21 09:35Club Games
1394Standard memberMrHand7453807 Feb '17 15:08Club Games
1393Standard memberBeatleboy134327 Feb '21 10:08Club Games
1392Standard memberBladeMan 637943826 Feb '21 21:20Club Games
1391Standard memberbigsi404734405 Jul '19 09:10Club Games
1376Standard memberO Artem O4419826 Jun '11 13:09Club Games
1348Standard memberMarinkatomb2118125 Jan '19 10:34Club Games
1342Subscribermedullah57701026 Feb '21 00:45Club Games
1338Standard memberbarselona4225117 Feb '12 12:14Club Games
1335Standard memberTottenhamHotspurFC1912621 May '13 10:49Club Games
1334Standard memberVHA139009 Mar '10 05:08Club Games
1325Standard memberpjhen2422303 Dec '10 10:22Club Games
1313Standard member1973mackem1461371226 Feb '21 18:05Club Games
1306Standard memberSmudger1616026 Feb '21 19:59Club Games
1306Standard membertopbloke112269426 Feb '21 11:25Club Games
1302Standard memberRemoved4346313 Jun '12 08:29Club Games
1297Standard memberMadStevie55441212 Nov '09 18:55Club Games

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