The Dark Tower

Come join my Ka-Tet.

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2022Standard membercaissad448594315 Sep '23 22:42Club Games
1823Subscriberbeatlemania284823927 Sep '23 20:40Club Games
1516Subscriberjoeboy691561042727 Sep '23 17:51Club Games
1504Standard memberbikingviking2025402 Aug '21 04:41Club Games
1494SubscriberZorroTheFox4795195627 Sep '23 14:18Club Games
1363Standard memberPariah3252723212 Jun '22 00:09Club Games
1358Standard memberBrutal Deluxe4430207 Aug '14 23:06Club Games
1352Standard memberMarinkatomb3033125 Jan '19 10:34Club Games
1339Standard memberNietzsche184464551017 Oct '18 19:20Club Games
1310Standard membercatnap6421411321022 Sep '23 07:00Club Games
1277Standard memberbelen19692020425 Aug '16 13:51Club Games
1264SubscriberRay Gunz I9366327 Sep '23 22:02Club Games
1243Standard memberWestside Mobster1722327 Sep '23 21:52Club Games
1220Subscriberjoe o2102461927 Sep '23 03:01Club Games
1181Standard memberHairDog1261191127 Sep '23 22:19Club Games
1136Subscribermike1692029028 Aug '23 16:10Club Games
1101Standard memberJeanTylerGabriel16178423 Aug '22 17:18Club Games
1100Standard memberStartreader2494531227 Jul '19 12:25Club Games
1094Standard memberlnynn spedale3399716 Mar '14 04:13Club Games
1068Standard memberfrenk 52437021 Jul '18 07:55Club Games
1059Standard membercrazyblkknight83171524 Dec '13 02:33Club Games
1048Standard membermegamaster1220009 Sep '18 22:23Club Games
927Standard memberKenworth18168251523 Mar '21 16:20Club Games
888Standard memberchessamber1050027 Dec '16 20:27Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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