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About andrew93

**Sorry but there are some other things I have to deal with right now, so I won't be accepting any challenges. Sorry but family health is more important than gaming!**

I make one move per day. I play for fun so let's have an enjoyable game. No clan or club invites thanks.

I will take skulls so let me know if time is a problem for you.

I use the 'analyse board' feature and I use opening book moves from here:

There is still a lot to learn about chess and the biggest challenge is not making stupid mistakes. If I blunder don't be surprised! Either I am playing too quickly or I'm using my phone to make a move (that's my excuse!).

Born 1968, never been a club member, love the mental challenge, live in Auckland in New Zealand and I'm into tabletop ancient wargames.

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    For ALL KIWI's worldwide - Let me know where your from

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