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About asimov

I have been playing chess for some years (though it might be hard to believe watching some of my games). I will be on site every day and unless you give me notice of problems (I will try to honour these), I will claim time outs. I seldom initiate chat but am more than happy to carry on a converstion.
I hope you enjoy your game against me (only not too much!).

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4943 games

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2473 games

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2470 games

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Games Played5036
In Progress18
All Moves199401
Moves This Month626
Tourn. Entry Rating1589
Vacation rem' 202436 days

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4943 games


2148 games


1741 games


1054 games

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253 games


10 games


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Highest Rating155716521694
Average Rating153315581549
Lowest Rating149514721414
Opponent Average Rating158315531539
Games Rated391971276
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    God bless Rabbie Burns - Burns Night 25th Jan

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