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About Aspasia

ASPASIA lived in the 5th century B.C. and she was the spiritual companion of Perikles and Socrates during the Golden Years of Athens.
Travel to Lindos on Rhodos island: when the sun rises, listen to the wind whispering around the temple columns, watch the waving blue sea breathing softly, taste the mild air -
maybe you perceive a tip of this divine age and the spirit of Odysseus, Themistokles, Platon
and other antique heroes.

I was born and live in Germany, worked as a teacher for nearly 30 years. Here on RHP proud leader of the clan "Mythos RW Essen".

In 2010 I started my "1000 unrated games" projects:
2010-2014 "Platon World Tour"
2014-2015 "Modern Odyssee"
2015-2017 "Makedonia Marathon"
2016- 2018 "WayToDelphi"
2018- ?? "Symposion"
I hope to meet players from allover the world to enjoy chess without rating stress.
If you see an open invite > CLICK! and JOIN THE TOUR

2362 > My RHP Top Rating > February 8/2015

20 (from 11.048 players) > My RHP Top Ranking with a rating of 2362 / February 8/2015

55.555 > Magic Move played > October 21/2009
111.111 > MMp > December 24/2011
222.222 > MMp > February 12/2015

10.000 games finished > Sept. 26/2017 (295.886 moves, 8026 wins, 1217 draws, 757 losses)

243 > Tournament wins on RHP (last: August 9, 2018)

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All Games Played10925
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All Moves325465
Moves This Month872
Tournament Entry Rating2198

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6435 games


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819 games

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Highest Rating220122012362
Average Rating212220532163
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Opponent Average Rating158115451635
Games Rated833351616
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Tournament Victories

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Standard I (Heads up)MUTI ADVANCEMENT TOURNEYS CUP: ROUND1 GROUP4TOD April 2012 Weekly IILong Haul Quartets ITOD April 2012 Weekly IGrand Long Haul IILonghaul Octet IILonghaul Octet XIIILonghaul Octet XXLonghaul Octet XXILonghaul Octet XIIILong Haul Quartets ILonghaul Octet IJANJANJAN MUTI 2012 KNOCKOUT CHALLENGEMUTI 2012 BLACK TO MOVE #4...VAN'T KRUIJS OPENINGMUTI 2012 BLACK TO MOVE #2...GEDULTS OPENINGMUTI 2012 BLACK TO MOVE #1...DURKINS ATTACKGrand Long Haul IMUTI TROUBLING THEMATIC THREESOME #2: FRIED PORK CHOP OPENINGMUTI THEMATIC THREESOME #1: ANTI-BORG OPENINGOctet XIQuartets IQuartets ILonghaul Octet VILonghaul Octet IIITournamentMUTI CRAB OPENING KNOCKOUTMUTI SLOW MOVER TRIOSProtect Animals 2 IINo Name ChampionshipRandom.....3THE FOURTH BEST TOURNAMENTMUTI NAPOLEON'S OPENING TRIOSQueen's pawn TournamenttournamentOctet XLonghaul Octet VIMUTI ORANGUTAN OPEN 12 PLAYER KNOCKOUTLonghaul Octet XLonghaul Octet VIIIMUTI LUCK OF THE DRAW KNOCKOUT_OPENMUTI BIRD's OPENING/SWISS GAMBIT/TRIOSLonghaul Octet IILonghaul Octet VILonghaul Octet VOctet XXVMUTI 2011 DUTCH SPIELMAN GAMBIT_OPEN KNOCKOUTMUTI 2011 AROUND THE WORLD IN 21/21 DAYSLonghaul Octet IILonghaul Octet XIIQuartets IIMUTI 2011 1st POLISH TUEBINGENSiberian Cup 2011Grouped Random IMinority government tournamentLonghaul Octet XVIIIQuartets IIILonghaul Octet XIIFlohr TournamentCaspian Trophy IISahhalin Trios IILonghaul Octet VIICanadian Masters 2010Long Haul Quartets IILonghaul Octet XVILonghaul Octet XVDuel IILonghaul Octet XLonghaul Octet VIILonghaul Octet VIBaikonur TriosLonghaul Octet VILong Haul Split IILonghaul Octet IIILong Haul Split IQuartets ILonghaul Octet VIDuel VLonghaul Octet VLonghaul Octet IIGrand Long Haul ILonghaul Octet ILonghaul Octet XIIILonghaul Octet XILonghaul Octet IIILong Haul Split IGrand Long Haul ILonghaul Octet IIOctet XXVIIILonghaul Octet VIILonghaul Octet VILonghaul Octet IICW Banded 1251 and overLonghaul Octet XLonghaul Octet IOctet XVIIILonghaul Octet XILonghaul Octet XOctet ILong Haul Split IIGrand Long Haul IIIQuartets IILonghaul Octet IILong Haul Quartets IGrand Long Haul VILong Haul Quartets VILonghaul Octet VIIIGrand Long Haul IIILonghaul Octet IILonghaul Octet ILonghaul Octet VILonghaul Octet ILong Haul Split ILong Haul Octet ILong Haul Split VILong Haul Split IStimulus TournamentLong Haul Quartets VILong Haul Quartets IIMini Thematic : Saragossa OpeningMini Thematic : Gedult's OpeningMini Thematic : Bird's OpeningMini Thematic : Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningMini Thematic : Amar (Paris) Opening MiniQuartets IILong Haul Quartets VILong Haul Quartets ILong Haul Split IIIOctet VILong Haul Split IILong Haul Quartets IILong Haul Split IGrand Long Haul IILong Haul IIILong Haul IILong Haul Quartets IILong Haul IIILong Haul Quartets VLong Haul VILong Haul Quartets IILong Haul VIILong Haul VLong Haul VILong Haul VILong Haul IIChristmas 2007 Long HaulDuel VILong Haul VIDuel VSplit IIThreesomes IIISplit VThreesomes IIDutch Defence Banded DuelMini-Banded OctetSplit ISeven-O Split XIBanded Duel VISeven-O Split XIII