baxter boy the geniu

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About baxter boy the geniu

chess is everything for me.Chess is me and me is win or you lose .but you never win if you dont have trust in yourself.And you never lose if you have trust and experience.about me i play with a soccer team called greenwood and suppport a turkish team called FENERBAHCE.go fenerbahceeeeeee.i have lots of friends here like zakery ,the pretender, mossiegrinder ,pake,pms,sherlockpaul,snoopy walsh,dav2k10,pema,jduff,jbudden,chizzy99 kozae,shinkie.the craigster6,pms and the star 23.i also wanna thank my chess teacher wetiefellow.he told me lot about chess took a boy like me who was terrible at chess and turned me into a good player.thank you wetiefellow.i really want to be a real chess still young i could make it.Game 7169407 Game 7188254 Game 7331253

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Games Played140
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All Moves3530
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Tourn. Entry Rating1333

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134 games


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4 games


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Highest Rating140414401440
Average Rating136113541354
Lowest Rating132212681268
Opponent Average Rating118811061106
Games Rated32134134
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