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4344 games

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2147 games

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2197 games

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All Games Played4408
In Progress88
All Moves143692
Moves This Month3330
Tournament Entry Rating1309

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4344 games


2030 games


2261 games


53 games

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250 games


115 games


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Highest Rating125014011401
Average Rating117811891164
Lowest Rating11061073917
Opponent Average Rating122811901172
Games Rated1716852748
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Tournament Victories

2019 January octetHardcore Mini Duel I2017 June Amar (Paris) Opening Tournament2017 June Mujannah Opening Tournament2017 June octet 12017 May welcome laurence c to club2017 April Palm Sunday2017 April National Tartan Day (Canada)2017 April Arbor Day (South Korea)2017 April QGD Anti-neo-Orthodox variation Tournament2017 March Two knights defence Blackburne variation Tournament2017 January Octet 22016 December Boxing Day2016 November Octet 42016 August Olympics start in Rio2016 July Welcome jp4995 to our club2016 July U.S. Independence Day2016 July Laylat al-Qadr2016 June Player Appreciation2015 Oct Long Haul Championship2015 Oct Four on Four ChampionshipOctober 2015 ChampionshipFall Classic Tournament 2015Gruenfeld Spassky variation, Main line, 13.Bd3 TournamentRuy Lopez Steinitz defence deferred, Boleslavsky variation TournFearless Leader STill Here 2015July Long Haul Tournament 2015King's Indian Orthodox, Aronin-Taimanov, Main line TournamentHappy Belated Father's Day To All Father's 2015KGA Allgaier, Urusov attack Tournament 2015June championship 2015Queen's Indian Euwe variation TournamentTop Dog Best Player In The Club, Group 3Top Dog Best Player In The Club Tournament II, 2015Queen's Indian Old Main line, 9.Qxc3 Tournament 2015Mini Duel IQGD Orthodox defence, Classical, Tournament2015 Long Haul ChampionshipKrampusnacht Holiday Tournament 2014Ruy Lopez Closed, Chigorin, Rauzer attack TournamentThe Dark Tower Pt. 13MUTI Grob Fritz Gambit KnockoutLonghaul Banded OctetFair suck of the sav 2!Mini Banded OctetColle-Zukertort Thematic Octet