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About Brutal Deluxe

The name comes from the old Saga Mega Drive game Speedball 2 (I have never been very good with names).

Love the game but unfortunately only discovered Chess in 2006 at the age of 28 (Wasted my youth playing video games).

I tend to play fast and not put enough thought into positions which results in a lot of pieces being dropped! I seem to be playing way too many games at once and forget what my tactics are from the previous move.

One thing I've learned from playing chess is never underestimate anyone....including yourself🙂

My sport is hurling which is over 3000years old (older than chess) and uniquely Irish. It is an ameuter sport with no tranfer market: county your born in/from is the county you play for.
My greatest mome: YouTube

P.S. - I will claim timeout. It is a cheap way of winning but time is an important component of chess. If you are unable to move for whatever reason message me and I will not claim.

Apologies to all for cutting some games short. I just could not handle the game load. When chess starts to impact on work and family life you know you have a problem!

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