Rating 1088

Not accepting new challenges
Daily ChessLast move 7 days 22 hours and 31 minutes ago

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15697 games

As White

7561 games

As Black

8136 games

Daily ChessStats

Games Played15916
In Progress2
All Moves624229
Moves This Month6
Tourn. Entry Rating1092

Rated Color


15697 games


7568 games


7356 games


773 games

Rated Timeouts


1680 games


50 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating109011211263
Average Rating108910951127
Lowest Rating10881072928
Opponent Average Rating165212811032
Games Rated214636
  • Moves This Month is the number of moves made since the 1st of the month.
  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
  • Tournament Entry Rating is calculated by the formula (CurrentRating + HighestRating) / 2. The entry rating will never drop to more than 100 points below your Highest Rating.
  • Rated stats are updated within 24 hours of the last completed rated game.
  • Last refreshed on 07 Oct '23 .

Affiliated Clans

Affiliated Clubs

  • protect animals

    For those who love animals and are interested in protecting endangered animals. No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity,...William Shakespeare

  • The Beginners Club

    Starting out and losing a lot. Play here with other players with similar ratings. My name is Iain....... Welcome.

  • Club Sandwich

    Hungry for Chess

  • The Dark Tower

    Come join my Ka-Tet.

  • The Syndicate

    A chess league with organized matches and tournaments run through the forums for both subs and non-subs

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