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About cenerentola

I play chess since I was 18 years old.
now I'm 60 and I retired from work.
My hobbies are chess and classical music and reading the great writers Latin and Greek.
In classical music I Bach is my favorite of which I possess in all its music CDs and over 3,000 CD.
I have always played in live tournaments but five years ago I had a heart attack and I can not play live chess tourmaments for high stress.
I always played chess also matching for many years on many sites on the internet and also by mail.
I possess an extensive library of chess, perhaps more than 200 volumes and over time I built my own personal database of over 50,000 games I played.
I have my own personal book of openings that use in the game.
I like to play fast why I participate almost exclusively in fast tournaments (hardcore).
If my opponent is online play fast and I'd like to finish the game immediately if he wants it.
I sleep very little and I'm in the house for several hours.
Since I do not work I also have a Border Collie puppy called Casper who love you very much.
I would say that I said it all.

* in the photo: Casper 21 months old
* in the photo avatar: Johannes Sebastian Bach

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