chris lemieux

Rating 1255

Accepting challenges from rated 1400 to 2000
Daily ChessLast move 477 days 21 hours and 13 minutes ago

About chris lemieux

41 years old, living in Maryland. \n \nJust having fun and learning. I welcome a game from any level player~ let's play. I enjoy a little banter, so feel free to message me and don't be surprised if i send you a note. \n \nI'm getting more and more into set-piece games as a vehicle for learning, so if you want to sharpen your skills in a specific book attack, defense or system, that sounds like fun to me. \n \n \nI'll click the time-out skull if it pops up. We all play by the same rules here.

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670 games

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337 games

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333 games

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Games Played690
In Progress4
All Moves23724
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating1255

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670 games


377 games


263 games


30 games

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47 games


26 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating125515401540
Average Rating125514331419
Lowest Rating125512551255
Opponent Average Rating155414091422
Games Rated13965
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  • Last refreshed on 06 Mar '22 .

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