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About Costad

Proud club owner of Tournaments On Demand
Find us at this link: Club 289.
We create tournaments as you demand them πŸ™‚
Third most club tournaments ever.....

Proud clan owner of Tournaments On Demand
Find us at this link: Clan 25310.
Currently still able to accept a few more members.

Join this club for WWG games Club 108.

297th active player to 100000 moves πŸ™‚
100th active player to 200000 moves πŸ™‚
79th active player to 250000 moves πŸ™‚
55th active player to 300000 moves πŸ™‚
44th active player to 350000 moves πŸ™‚
43th most active player on the site...... (as at 15APR19)

250000th move was against @UNCLEBRO on 5 NOV 2014 @ 15:43
300000th move was against @Fransie on 11 OCT 2015 @ 23:02

PS I take skulls....
Currently not a payer.... maybe again one day....

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All Games Played15490
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All Moves500532
Moves This Month1469
Tourn. Entry Rating1479

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Average Rating135113891394
Lowest Rating108810881088
Opponent Average Rating133313621354
Games Rated55118204925
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