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Proud club owner of Tournaments On Demand
Find us at this link: Club 289.
We create tournaments as you demand them
Third most club tournaments ever.....

Proud clan owner of Tournaments On Demand
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Currently still able to accept a few more members.

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297th active player to 100000 moves
100th active player to 200000 moves
79th active player to 250000 moves
55th active player to 300000 moves
44th active player to 350000 moves
44th most active player on the site...... (as at 13AUG16)
bumped to 45th when @Luck returned

250000th move was against @UNCLEBRO on 5 NOV 2014 @ 15:43
300000th move was against @Fransie on 11 OCT 2015 @ 23:02

PS I take skulls....

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12311 games

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6073 games

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6238 games

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All Games Played12882
In Progress94
All Moves418706
Moves This Month1502
Tournament Entry Rating1425

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12311 games


5682 games


5401 games


1228 games

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1243 games


168 games


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Highest Rating150915251593
Average Rating136713771406
Lowest Rating116511651055
Opponent Average Rating130613441384
Games Rated2269676908
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  • 5 Years Playing Chess
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  • 1 Year Playing Chess
Playing for 7 consecutive years
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Joined 17 Mar '10
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Tournament Victories

POPEYE: HEDGEHOGMUTI UNDER 1600 OCTETMUTI FAST OCTET UNDER1500TOD Standard 3 2017MUTI FAST OCTET UNDER1500TOD Hardcore 7 2016TOD Hardcore 6 2016Sprint Duel IBanded Duel ITOD Hardcore 34 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 35 2015TOD Crazy Skulls 34 2015TOD French Advance variation Tournament 2015TOD Hardcore 26 2015Octet ITOD Hardcore 3 2015TOD Crazy skulls 10 2015Mini Duel IILatvian Gambit Octet IMini Duel IVTOD Hardcore 9 2014TOD Crazy skulls 25 2014TOD Crazy skulls 17 2014Banded Threesomes IIThe 4th Of July FreedomTournamentTOD Weekly 2 2014TOD Crazy skulls 7 2014muti fast playersTOD Crazy skulls VBanded Octet IAugust Bank Holiday 2013MUTI 1/0 Banded Round RobinTOD Hardcore IVTOD April 2013 Crazy skulls VI (Octet)Zombies.....Live.... 4ever.........Nowhere to runThe Patriots March Madness - 2013Sicilian Taimanov variation TournamentNimzo-Indian 4.e3, Main line with 8...dc and TournamentBenoni Taimanov variation Feb 13Latvian gambit Jan13Banded Octet IThe Patriots English Opening TournamentMUTI END OF YEAR BEER AND VODKA SERIES BANDED KNOCKOUTTOD October 2012 Crazy skulls VIII (Heads up)TOD October 2012 Crazy skulls VII (Heads up)TOD October 2012 Weekly I (Heads up)The Patriots Battle for The Philippines WW2Superstars' DuelsThe Patriots Occupation of KosovoTwo knights defence Fegatello attack Aug 12The Patriots Battle for Sicily WW2TOD July 2012 Crazy skulls XI (Heads up)One Zero SplitTOD May 2012 Crazy skulls XVII (Heads up)The Patriots battle of Hastings 1066, 1500 and Below.TOD May 2012 Crazy skulls VII (Octet)TOD April 2012 Crazy skulls IITOD March 2012 Crazy skulls VIIIThe Patriots Liberation of France WW2First Superstars' Tournament!TOD February 2012 Crazy skulls VIMUTI BANDED CARO-KANN ADVANCE, SHORT VARTOD January 2012 Weekly VITOD January 2012 Standard VTOD January 2012 Crazy skulls XIMini Banded Duel IITOD Fatal Fourway I September 2011Dueling Aces IIStraight knock out #4Skull collector #3Easter 2011Fatal Fourway #1Advancement ClassMini Banded Threesomes IITriple AcesMini Banded Threesomes