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Fred Aborn

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About Fred Aborn

I played my games according to the style of Anderson for awhile. Then I played according to a book by Karpov. Later I built a database of the games of Sergey Karjakin because he had a nice simple opening style that I wanted to learn for OTB play. Now I use a new more complete opening book which includes the best of modern play.

I've been playing since 1954. My favorite opening move back then was P-R4. Later I played in college where my roommate taught me the fools mate. After that, I played where I worked and won those tournaments. In the early 1980's, I used to go to the Boylston Chess club at nights.

I played postal chess in the era before good computer chess programs and did very well. I played chess computers for a few years before I found out how high their rating was. I improved a public domain computer program by making it play faster. I've acquired and read a hundred chess books over the years. I occasionally play at chess bars.

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Tournament Entry Rating2444

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459 games


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Average Rating244624442388
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Games Rated2057314
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