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Play chess for fun. Prefer repeat games against people so do play some regulars.

Move frequently (at least daily) - but not as frequently as I would like (work, family etc!) -- move on vacation if I can get coverage where I am. No moves means no access. Make blunders when playing too quickly which is mostly when I am trying to squeeze in moves when I should not, but not going to get hung up about it!

Skulls = yes I squash them! (Requests to delay the skull capture will be entertained if reasonable!)

2 losses via timeout so far... I was in ICU (unplanned) for more than the 1 day timeout (no time bank) and second also health related

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4764 games

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All Games Played9553
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All Moves350602
Moves This Month192
Tourn. Entry Rating1790

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9495 games


4536 games


3439 games


1520 games

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590 games


2 games


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Highest Rating181818191819
Average Rating177816891620
Lowest Rating174615611464
Opponent Average Rating144414811541
Games Rated251161721
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