Hardesty Paladino

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About Hardesty Paladino

I love Ketchikan; as they say, a drinking village with a fishing problem. And I was a sport fisherman with a very bad boat problem. But, I love fishing machines, and folks with a disdain for such luxuries, confused me. It aged me, and as the curmudgeon I’ve become, I just don’t have the apathy to suffer fools. So, I designed new fishing tackle and fixed the boat. Oddly it was much easier than playing a Budapest Gambit.
“The most important thing about flying..Love..You can learn all the math in the 'verse but you take a boat in the air that you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turnin' worlds. Love keeps 'er in the air when she otta fall down, tells you shes hurtin' 'fore she c'reens. Makes 'er a home. “ as said by Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly
Yeah, I may have taken the whole fishing thing to an extreme, and I still have plenty of the same suspects trying to abuse me. Yet, the love of adventure calls, and I often get paid to answer. A paladin, on the water, is just a pirate. Well, the good kind. Winter fishing is usually pretty slow, but expect me to be on the water, most of the time; playing RHP, during breaks in the shear glory, and stark beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s Inside Passage.
I have taken over the helm, to continue the metaphor, at the M.U.T.I. clan from our retiring, venerable leader, Vepsen. He always described us as a friendly clan, and that tradition will continue. Well, there are the usual rivalries and battles, but what would it be without those rather demented actions of romantic adventure. For the last few months, the MUTI clan has enjoyed a top 10 listing regarding clan challenges. Still, we are not hunting for trophies. ‘It no longer interests me.’ Of course, a trophy fish may be another story.
We enjoy ded reckoning, and our moral compass rings true north. I dare say, it always did!
“I have no say in it…. It’s a pirate’s life for me”
for all your MUTI needs

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Affiliated Clans

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    Moving Under the Influence since 2005

  • chessperados

    Sorry,Leagues&Tourney's Are This Clans Priority,The ODD 'interesting' Challenge Considered However..please send a PM and I'll be happy to look at the offer...

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