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About HiChief

To all my worthy opponents,

I will always play to win or I will resign when obvious, hardly ever will I play for a draw. Unless there is more than a 100 point differential between our ratings, when I win, I will always offer a rematch which you may accept or decline. Should I lose I hope you will offer me the same consideration. I only play one day-no bank games, I use no help from outside sources and I will always crush skulls unless given advance notice. As a sign of good faith and good sportsmanship I will almost always wait 24 hours before claiming the timeout victory. (I find timeout victories to be hollow and unfufilling but the rules are the rules.) This does not include tournament matches where there is so much more at stake. Besides, if you enter a tournament shouldn't the opportunity to win be motivation enough to keep up with your moves? I should think so. I'm not here to waste your time or mine, I'm here to enjoy a friendly, healthy, hard fought, competitive game of chess. So good luck to all and I'll see you out on the boards.

Peace, Bob

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All Games Played4628
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Moves This Month600
Tournament Entry Rating1417

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4589 games


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Opponent Average Rating132213451335
Games Rated491851496
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