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Male, financial controller and professional musician living in the eastern part of Holland.

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8956 games

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4471 games

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4485 games

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All Games Played9660
In Progress116
All Moves273158
Moves This Month1463
Tournament Entry Rating2126

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8956 games


6319 games


1270 games


1367 games

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653 games


8 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating221422262226
Average Rating212720852089
Lowest Rating199818621487
Opponent Average Rating181716451673
Games Rated1015172772
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  • 10 Years Playing Chess
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Playing for 11 consecutive years
Joined 20 Mar '07
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Tournament Victories

Hardcore Grand IIHardcore Grand IHardcore Grand IHardcore Grand VIIHardcore Grand IVSprint Split IIBanded Threesomes VIAccelerated Dragon - Quartets IInaugural 3/7 UnbandedHardcore Grand IVHardcore Grand ILatvian Gambit IMasters? banded #1Die Hard IIGrand Seven Fourteen VIScotch Goering gambitBlackmar-Diemer-Gambit IBudapest gambitAlekhine's defence Four pawns attack, Planinc variationThe Mystery of Skeleton IslandDie Hard 2014Budapest defenceDanish gambitQGD Semi-Slav, Noteboom variationMUTI Banded ThreesomesVienna `Frankenstein-Dracula' variation OctagonQGD Slav Tolush-Geller gambitKGA Muzio gambitSicilian Canal-Sokolsky attack, Bronstein gambit Jun 13Viennese Dreams 3: Steinitz gambit, Fraser-Minckwitz variationViennese Dreams 1: Vienna gambitEvans counter-gambit May 13 XIIIEvans gambit May 13 XIIISingle Malt Scotch 10: Relfsson gambitSingle Malt Scotch 6: Lolli variationSingle Malt Scotch 5: Goering gambit, Bardeleben variationSingle Malt Scotch 4: Goering gambitSingle Malt Scotch 3: Vitzhum attackSingle Malt Scotch 2: Dubois-Reti defenceScandinavian Icelandic gambit May 13 XIIIScandinavian gambit May 13 XIIIMUTI Scotch Potter Variation Banded KnockoutGiuoco Piano Jerome gambit May 13 XIIIHalasz gambit Mar 13 XIIIAlekhine's defence Spielmann variation Mar 13 XIIIQGD Albin counter-gambit Mar 13Reti King's Indian attack (Barcza system) TournamentEvans gambit Morphy attack TournamentThe Mystery of the Vanishing TreasureFred Feb 13 XIIIBenko gambit Feb 13Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceLatvian gambit Jan13MUTI NEW YEARS HANGOVER FROM SCOTCHWarm up for 2013Abbondante di Sicilians 3: wing gambit deferredMUTI HAPPY HOLIDAY HANGOVER SERIESMUTI END OF YEAR BEER AND VODKA SERIES BANDED KNOCKOUTBenko gambit half accepted Nov 12Evans gambit Oct 12 XIIAlekhine's defence O'Sullivan gambit Oct 12 XIIBlackmar-Diemer gambit Sep 12QGA, Janowsky-Larsen variation Aug 12 XIIScandinavian Icelandic gambit Aug 12 XIIFantasy logo series: Scotch gambitFantasy logo series: Latvian gambitFantasy logo series: Vienna gambitEvans gambit Morphy attack May12Scotch Goering gambit IIRuy Lopez Modern Steinitz defence, siesta variation IIIKing's Indian Four pawns attack, Florentine gambit IIScotch gambit IIIKGA bonanza 8: double Muzio gambitMUTI HONOREE #9: JANKRB DUTCH DEFENSE...BLACKBURNE...KOSicilian Andreaschek gambit IIVienna gambit delight 3: Steinitz variationQueen's pawn Charlick (Englund) gambitKGD NimzovichQueen's gambit acceptedKGA Muzio gambit IIAlekhine's defence Spielmann variationMUTI2012 BIRD/ MUJANNAH OPENINGKing's gambit accepted RHP>2000Long Haul Quartets IHardcore Grand IILonghaul Octet IIILive Free or Die HardQGD Slav Tolush-Geller gambitVienna gambit IISicilian Andreaschek gambitLong Haul Split IOn Her Majesty’s Secret Service Lazenby, GeorgeYou Only Live TwiceThunderballMUTI VENEZOLANA KNOCKOUT...OPENMUTI TROMPOVSKY ATTACK...RHP>1500 KNOCKOUTMUTI GAMBIT...KNOCKOUT IFrench Winawer, Alekhine (Maroczy) gambitBenko gambit accepted IIMUTI QUEENS INDIAN ACCELERATED...KNOCKOUTDie Hard 2 IIMUTI SCOTCH GAME_GHULAM KASSIM VARIATION_KNOCKOUT_OPENThe Secret of Terror CastleMUTI 1500 TO 2500 WIDEBAND MULTIPLAYER KNOCKOUTHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneScandinavian Icelandic gambit TournamentDie HardMUTI SCOTCH GAMBIT/ANDERSSEN COUNTER ATTACK/TRIOSMUTI 2011 KGA TUMBLEWEED GAMBIT TRIOSProlog of the club Players LeagueEvans gambit IIFrench Wing gambit Tournament10 Year Anniversary Banded t-shirt prize tournamentQGD Albin counter-gambit IIDanish gambit TournamentBudapest Gambit IIMUTI 2011 TOUGHEST OF THE TOUGHMUTI 2011 ROUNDCCOUSA 2011 INVITATIONAL 1800+ CUPAmar gambit TournamentSicilian Smith-Morra gambit Tournament IIOctet IHastings International Chess Congress47th Groningen Chess FestivalLondon Chess ClassicQGD Semi-Slav, Abrahams variation TournamentLonghaul Octet XIDuel VCCOUSA 7/14 OCT2010 Round RobinLonghaul Octet IGrand Long Haul IIHardcore Grand IIAmsterdamn Turbo Duel - XOctet IScandinavian Defense IIAlekhine's defence TournamentThe Nightmare before ChristmasLive Free or Die HardGambit 1:Die Another DayGambit 1. Budapest gambit.Die Hard: With a VengeanceCatalan DefenceSicilian NajdorfNimzo-Indian DefenceScandinavian DefenceBenko GambitDivision A Season 1 IPirc DefenceQueen's IndianSicilian AlapinINDEPENDENCE DAY VIINDEPENDENCE DAY IIBOBBY FISCHER VIIEnglish 1...c5Queen's GambitSicilian Grand PrixGAMMA BURST IBROWNIE ESPECIAL OneALPHA PH OMEGA IOctet XILatvian GambitHardcore Grand IIGrouped Random IIIGrouped Random VIIAmsterdamn Turbo Duel - IIIDuel IIDuel IOctet VIIOctet IIIOctet Unbanded IIGrand Split Three Seven IDuel VIGrand Split Three Seven IIIGrand Split Three Seven IIGrouped Random IGrouped Random VIGalaxy Club Tournament #3Galaxy Club Tournament #1Duel VDuel VIDuel IIIDuel VIDuel IIIDuel IIDuel IDuel VDuel VIDuel IIDuelMini Quartets VIDuel VDuel IIDuel IIIOne-0 Split VLong Haul IIIDuel IINajdorf Banded DuelLong Haul Quartets ILong Haul SplitLong Haul SplitSicilian Dragon DuelThreesomes V