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About jmwinrider

I am jmwinrider. Love the game. Love the site. I'm a casual player and only semi serious. I play fast or slow. I work so I'm on mostly early and evenings (Kansas-usa time). I don't get too worked up about ratings. I seem to have moments of inspiration peppered with periods of sheer stupidity (or the reverse I guess). I collect skulls but I’m flexible about it. I will chat but I’m not particularly good at it and I do find it abit odd for casual chat while trying to destroy your opponent. But folks … it’s just a game. If you want to play then here I am.

Oh… the dog is ‘darby the llloooove dog’. The other one is a pic of a chipmunk running around on my leg high in the mountains of Colorado.

an update. Darby passed away a couple years back. She truly was a love dog. We have a new puppy now Kala and shes great but darby still gets top billing. As for me. Same guy different year.

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