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jwa657 has not written a profile.

Just kidding 😉

Influences: Max Lange, Mikhael Tal, Paul Keres, Garry Kasparov, and of course Bobby Fischer.

I value unorthodox play, sacrifice tactics and dynamic positions over more solid, 'Petrosian' styles of play. And I think my relatively low rating proves this, lol.

I love to receive advice from games I play, so if you are a higher rated player I assume you know at least a bit more about chess than I do. Feel free to message me, as I am always striving to play a better game.

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Tourn. Entry Rating1680

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768 games


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45 games


107 games


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Highest Rating171717171725
Average Rating169616941350
Lowest Rating16761672977
Opponent Average Rating149314891309
Games Rated1926743
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