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karoly aczel

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About karoly aczel

Hi y'all. I'm Charlie. Hope you all put the light inside of you first.

Charlie Aczel@youtube ,,,for a few original tunes.

I like to chat during games, but understand if you dont

Take skulls unless you pm me about it.

Be good to yourselves. When things seem the worse is the test of your true character.

There is no such thing as a luke warm satori.

I try to make a move everyday in all games at this stage, sometimes more, but to be fair, you can count on one move a day. There will be a few exceptions, feel free to pm me about this or any other matter that I may be able to assist you with.

Initiator of the "Tool clan" , now unattended .

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2103 games

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1056 games

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1047 games

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All Games Played2138
In Progress8
All Moves87792
Moves This Month38
Tournament Entry Rating1394

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2103 games


898 games


1089 games


116 games

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138 games


73 games


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Highest Rating139413941488
Average Rating135213171329
Lowest Rating131812341162
Opponent Average Rating129812931374
Games Rated2255364
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