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lstcyr is on vacation and says...
I am on vacation. I enjoy playing chess with you and hope you understand.

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Hi. 66 year old retired guy who likes to play a LOT of games. I have a system that allows me to get to every one of them before they time out. I lead the 600-1500 club if anyone is interested in playing in a fun club with lots of tournaments (open and banded) and great people.

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12084 games

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12170 games

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All Games Played24950
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All Moves875011
Moves This Month10315
Tournament Entry Rating1252

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24254 games


10253 games


12960 games


1041 games

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2657 games


38 games


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Highest Rating133213321358
Average Rating111011031116
Lowest Rating986955909
Opponent Average Rating114611491193
Games Rated869316721210
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Tournament Victories

2018 March Vincent Van Gogh birthday2018 February Johnny Cash birthday2017 December octet 22017 November octet2017 November quadsOctet I2017 October quick one2017 September quads 12017 August quads 52017 July welcome speeball to club2017 June quick one 42017 June longer time2016 May ShavuotOctet I2017 May Amsterdam attack TournamentMini Duel IBanded Threesomes I2017 April Tomb Sweepinmg Day (Hong Kong)2017 April Octet 22017 April Gruenfeld Gruenfeld gambit accepted Tournament2017 April April Fools DayOctet III2017 March Crab Opening Tournament2017 March Commonwealth Day2016 December welcome mikebear to club2016 December Macedonia Turkish Language Day2016 December Netherlands Sinterklass2016 November Octet 32016 October Sukkot2016 August Women's Equality DAy U.S.2016 August Reti King's Indian attack (Barcza system) Tournament2016 August Queen's Indian Accelerated Tournament2016 August Jamaica Independence Day2016 July Eid-al-FitrLatvian Gambit I2016 May short tournament2016 May - May Day/Labor Day2016 April Passover2016 March International Women's DayCrab Opening Tournament2016 February octet edition2016 January Welcome cdurkin2015 December Venezolana Opening TournamentTOD RBHILL's Challenge: h52015 Nov Tday Saturday tournamentNov 2015 Long HaulBird's Opening Tournament2015 October even longer tournament2015 October yet another Octet tournament2015 October Fall Weather Skulls2015 October Celebrating 5th year of club2015 Oct Amar (Paris) Opening TournamentSept 2015 National Cheeseburger Day tourneyLabor Day 2015 tourneySeptember 2015 championshipNimzo-Indian 4.e3, Main line TournamentAugust Tournament 2015Dutch Leningrad, Main variation with Nc6 TournamentJune Heat Wave 2015May Slow Move Championship 2015Octet IIEnglish Nenarokov variation TournamentQGD Orthodox defence, Classical, TournamentApril's Quickest Sprint 2015Mid March Tournament 2015February Championship 2015Evans gambit Waller attack TournamentBanded Threesomes IIIQGD Orthodox defence, Classical, TournamentJanuary 1st 2015 New Year TournamentLast Tournament of 2014Happy and Healthy New Year 2014Christmas Eve Tournament 2014December Skull Crunchers Sprint 2014Winters Snow Flake Tournament 2014QGD Semi-Slav Meran, Rellstab attack TournamentCelebrating All Countries Represented 2014KGA Allgaier, Urusov attack TournamentDutch Stonewall: Chekhover variation TournamentOctober Championship IISkull Crunchers Tournament 2014Mini Duel ILong Haul Tournament 2014Octoberfest Tournament 2014Queen's Indian Opovcensky variation TournamentSeptember Sprint of 2014Rating Tournament 800 - 1100August Skull Championship 2014Octet IRating Tournament 800 -1100Just For The Love Of The Game 2014Long Haul Championship II 2014Summer Championship 2014Addicted to Tournaments Championship 2014World Cup 2014 Celebration TournamentMay 11th, Mother's Day Tournament 2014Happy Belated Cinco De Mayo Day 2014May Championship 2014Happy Easter and Happy Holdays 2014In Honor of Those Who Love their Footy 2014Passover Tournament 2014Palm Sunday Tournament 2014April Championship 2014April Fools Day Tournament 2014Rating tournament 1000 - 1200March Championship Dual 2014All Ratings Championship 600 to 2300March Tournament 2014Celebrating Our Clubs Third YearFrench Classical, Stahlberg variation TournamentPresidents Day Championship 2014Groundhogs Day Tournament 2014January 26th, Celebrating Australia DayBelated Martin King Luther's BirthdayJanuary Snow Storm 2014Pirc Austrian attack, 6.e5 TournamentJanuary Championship 2014 Part 2Fastest Dueling Sprint Tournament 2013First Day Of Winter 2013 ChampionshipALL RATINGS TOURNAMENT / EVERYONEMini Duel IVMini Duel IINovermber Championship 1Holloween Crazy Skulls ChampionshipOctober Dual Championship 2013Caro-Kann Panov-Botvinnik, Reifir (Spielmann) variation TournameAugest Die Hard Tourney PlayersMini Duel IAgust Tournament 2013June Heat Wave 2013 TournamentTournament Crazy PlayersAlekhine's defence TournamentSpartacus Tournament 2013Novosibirsk Opening TournamentTournament 900 to 1100Tournament Fanatics 2013Championship 600 to 1050Fast Paced April TournamentTournament Adicition 2013Spring Tournament 2013 Part 2 IIEnglish Four knights, kingside Fianchetto TournamentDaylight Savings Time TournamentPre Easter Bunny Tournament 20132013 Tournament PlayersRichter-Veresov attack TournamentCaro-Kann defence TournamentReti Lisitsin gambit deferred TournamentNovermber Fall Classic TournamentOPEN TOURNAMENT 2 IIBanded Duel