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Mark C Marshall

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About Mark C Marshall

Cancelled my subscription to RHP, lost 30 rating points to a 1300 player on a time out. Good wakeup call, time to quit and pursue more important things. Good luck to you all, especially those of you who did not time me out when my time expired :I'm grateful for your fine sportsmanship. I don't have time to play anything but the very long time controls, and I get too many incredibly dull games with low rated players. A fish with a closed game can hold you up forever, and the games can still be work- time to get a life, ride a bike, race a car, paddle a kayak, breath some clean air. I 'll put a minimal effort into my remaining games.

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877 games

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443 games

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434 games

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All Games Played1012
In Progress47
All Moves31381
Moves This Month158
Tournament Entry Rating2089

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877 games


646 games


126 games


105 games

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43 games


12 games


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Highest Rating210721242124
Average Rating208920912035
Lowest Rating205420541911
Opponent Average Rating152014451615
Games Rated3478481
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