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Marko Krale

Rating (1553)
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38479 games

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19256 games

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19223 games

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All Games Played39578
In Progress90
All Moves1335948
Moves This Month5533
Tournament Entry Rating1629

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38479 games


18434 games


14360 games


5685 games

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2942 games


868 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating169117051781
Average Rating158015591569
Lowest Rating142413851290
Opponent Average Rating147915191538
Games Rated599211414409
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  • 10 Years Playing Chess
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  • 1 Year Playing Chess
  • 1 Year Playing Chess
Playing for 13 consecutive years
Joined 02 Dec '04
Last Moved 18 Sep '18
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Tournament Victories

Give the Wolfe a game open octet slowOctet ISprint Duel IMUTI FAST OCTET UNDER 2000Banded Threesomes IIIAustralia -Victoria state championMUTI FAST OCTETMini Duel IBird From gambit, Lipke variation Tournamentcrazy 8'sWare (Meadow Hay) Opening TournamentNimzovich-Larsen attack Indian variation Tournament8 characters minimumEnglish Symmetrical, hedgehog system Tournamentfast eightReti Herrstroem gambitone more monkey 7/7Polish (Sokolsky) opening TournamentPolish (Sokolsky) opening TournamentBanded Threesomes IMUTI under 1800 duel july 2015Ruy Lopez Schliemann defenceMUTI under 1700 octetReti Herrstroem gambitFrench Winawer, Alekhine gambitBoden-Kieseritsky gambitQueen's pawn Torre attack,Wagner gambitmuti under 1900 octetmuti under 1700 octetWC Argentina Championship (4's)Four knights Symmetrical, Capalbanca variationQueen's pawn, Mason variationFour knights Belgrade gambitVienna Zhuravlev countergambitQueen's pawn Englund gambitBudapest gambitThree knights Winawer defence (Gothic defence)Blackmar-Diemer Lemberg counter-gambitHardcoreFour knights Rubinstein counter-gambit, Bogolyubov variationWC South Africa Championship 2013Gruenfeld Gruenfeld gambit, Botvinnik variationEnglish Halibut gambitEvans gambit Morphy attackTwo knights defence Lolli attackCalabreseGruenfeld Spike gambit Dec 12 XIIBishop's Opening Wing gambit Oct 12 XIIQueen's pawn Bronstein gambit Oct 12 XIIFrench Wing gambit Oct 12 XIIBishop's Opening MacDonnell double gambit Sep 12 XIIFiesta del Ruy Lopez 5: Ruy Lopez Open, Harksen gambitBird Hobbs gambit Aug 12 XIITwo knights defence Lolli attack Aug 12 XIIReti accepted IIKGA bonanza 11: Villemson (Steinitz) gambit IIVienna gambit delight 7: Heyde variationBishop's Opening Wing gambitQueen's gambit accepted RAPIDMid Range DUELAll Players Mini DuelsOctet XIIOctet IIMatrix ReloadedThe Bourne IdentityOctet XIDuel IIIOctet VOctetDuelOpen'06 Sprint Split VIGrouped Banded