Osbert of Arden

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About Osbert of Arden

1120s-30s, in the reign of Henry I. A Warwickshire knight who traveled regularly from his home near Tamworth to tournaments at Northampton and London, also journeying across the Channel to combats in Picardy, Flanders, and Hainault. Accompanied by his riding servant, Thurkill Fundu, who carried his painted lances on his horses at his expense, and to whom had been granted in return for homage and service a landed estate.

from Tournament, by David Crouch.

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2304 games

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1140 games

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1164 games

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Games Played2331
In Progress17
All Moves99279
Moves This Month460
Tourn. Entry Rating1646
Vacation rem' 202436 days

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2304 games


995 games


996 games


313 games

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31 games


22 games


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Highest Rating166316921692
Average Rating162816111523
Lowest Rating158015591334
Opponent Average Rating161416181525
Games Rated2696745
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